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These 6 Bad Habits Can Result In Hair Loss for Redheads

Break These Bad Hair Habits!

Redheads have less hair, but thicker strands. We have to protect our hair at all costs. Did you know there are a few hair habits you should avoid to help prevent new balding or increased thinning? If you’re struggling with hair loss, try to kick these hair habits: 

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1. Stop wearing your hair up too often 

If your red hair is thinning or you notice spots that are starting to be bald, you might be tempted to wear your hair up to hide them. Wearing your hair up in a bun, ponytail or braids can actually cause more damage than good. This is because if the hair is pulled too tight it causes stress on the root and can cause more hair to fall out. Instead, opt for loose updos or changing your part and wearing it down. 

2. Stop being rough on your hair 

If you want your red hair to stay thick and beautiful, you’ve got to be gentle with it. This means cutting back on damaging practices like teasing the roots or yanking a brush through your hair. The rougher you are with your hair, the more likely you are to lose hair in the process. 

Consider using a silk/satin pillowcase to keep your red hair soft and protected.

3. Stop exposing your hair to too much heat

Too much heat can make hair brittle and prone to breakage. Reduce the amount of heat you use when it comes to hot tools, protect your hair from direct sunlight and turn down the heat in the shower to help reduce damage.

4. Stop using products with too many chemicals 

Bleaching your hair, dyeing your hair, and using harmful chemicals on your head can cause a lot of damage. This may cause your hair to become thin or fall out. If you’re struggling with hair loss, try toning down the amount of product you use or swap for more natural options and skip the bleach. 

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5. Stop eating junk food

There are foods high in nutrients (like Vitamin A) and protein to help your red hair grow and be healthier. If you’re lacking the nutrients, vitamins, and hydration you need your hair may become thin, brittle, and lifeless.

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6. Stop pulling out grey/white hairs

Plucking gray hairs is a bad idea. No, three more won’t grow in their place (this is a busted myth), BUT if new hair does grow there it will be gray because the hair follicle is dead. You might as well leave the hair there for more fullness. If your red hair is fading and you’re self-conscious about the color, try a color depositing shampoo or a root touch-up.

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Rock it like a Redhead!