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5 Things My Mother Taught Me About Being a Redhead

My mom taught me to be unapologetically me, with my red hair leading the way.

This Mother’s Day, I wanted to celebrate the person who taught me not just how to be a strong independent woman, but also a strong, independent redhead.

I was lucky enough to be brought up in a society that mostly loved my hair, but my mom lived through the era when being a redhead was tough. She passed down her wisdom to me, and I owe her everything.

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Here are five things I learned from having a redheaded mother:

1. To have a comeback for every remark 

My mom taught me all the best comebacks. It seems like everyone has something clever to say about our hair color. Since we’ve heard them all a thousand times, we often just roll our eyes and move on. Sometimes, though, we give the people teasing us a little taste of that ‘redheaded temper’ they’re always going on about.

My favorite comeback is when people call you a carrot top, remind them that the tops of carrots are green – duh!

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2. To never dye your hair

Every teenager has their rebellious period, and there was a time when I was dead set on dying my hair some wild color. My mom was firmly against it and I’m thankful I have stayed true to my gorgeous red hair my entire life. The only time dye will touch this mane is when the red starts to go white.

3. To make the world my stage

We draw attention wherever we go, there’s no denying that. While that could have made me uncomfortable and nervous, my mom taught me to harness that energy and have fun with it. As a result, I was a total ham as a child. I got involved in acting, in art, in music. I grew in confidence and self-esteem. At my core, I’m an introvert, but the world is my stage, and I’m the star.

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4. To remember we’re born to stand out, so why fit in? 

Whenever I wanted to buy some new trendy sneaker or toy, my mom would always ask me if I really wanted it, or if I just wanted it because it was cool. Because of this, from a young age, I was experimenting with my own taste in fashion, movies, books, and music. My mom taught me to be unapologetically me, with my red hair leading the way.

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5. To never forget my roots 

No matter where I go, no matter what I’m doing, I always remember and am thankful for the ones who raised me!

What has the woman in your life taught you? 

Photo Copyright: Cari Clark