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9 Things You Should Never Say To A Parent Of A Redhead

All photos are courtesy of our co-founder's, Adrienne & Stephanie... and their parents!

If you’re a parent to a redhead, whether you’re a redhead yourself or not, you know strangers always stop to gawk and comment on your child’s red hair. Here are 9 things some should never say to a parent of a redhead.

1.”Is it natural? Or did you dye your child’s hair?” 

Of course, it is natural! 

2. “Are you the mother/father?” 

No, I am just pretending.

Adrienne with her father, Michael 

3. “Can I touch her/his red hair?” 

That’s weird.

4. “Where did she/he get her/his red hair?” 

Well, it’s a recessive gene and has to come from both sides. Do you really want a family ancestry lesson? 

Pictured: Adrienne and Stephanie with their mother, Jan

5. “Is her/his name Ginger? That would be so cute!”

Thank you for the name suggestion.

6. “Her/his cheeks are red.” 

Those are natural as well.

7. “Are you applying sunscreen? It’s so very important.” 

Thank you for caring. We re-apply sunscreen every two hours too.

Pictured: Adrienne and her mother, Jan 

8. “Has your baby been to the beach? I’d be afraid to take mine if she/he was a redhead.” 

Sunscreen and lots of shade. My child can still enjoy the beach. 

9. “Is she/he getting bullied?” 


Parents of redheads know one thing: their redhead children should always & forever Rock it like a Redhead!

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