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10 Most Common Questions A Redhead Has To Answer

..On a daily basis.

By: Adina Bernstein

1. Are you Irish?

Redheads come from all corners and cultures of the world. One does not have to have to have Irish ancestry to be a redhead. 

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2. You have so many freckles. Can I connect the dots?

..You mean my sun kisses that I love so very much?

3. Do you have a soul?

Of course, I have a soul.

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4. Did you know you look like (enter the name of the redheaded celebrity here)?

I guess that is a compliment.

5. Is your hair natural? I love your hair.

I get my hair from (enter family here if you are a natural redhead)… or I go to (enter salon here) if you are a redhead ‘by choice’.

6. Do you have a temper?

Did you really want to find out?

7. My mother says I should go out with at least one redhead, will you go out with me?

Are you asking me out because of me or my hair color?

8. Can I take a snipping of your hair? I want to see if my stylist can replicate it.

Can I think about that and get back to you?

9. Did you dress up as Ariel for Halloween as a kid or Pippi Longstocking?

How did you know?

10. Are natural redheads a dying breed? I hear they’re going extinct.

We’re not going anywhere.

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..and commonly, this is a redhead’s face when we hear these 10 questions:

Rock it like a Redhead!