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5 Reasons Why Being a Redhead Is Great

In honor of National Love Your Red Hair Day!


I love being a redhead! But, it wasn’t always this way. When you have red hair, you are born to stand out. For kids, especially teenagers, the most important thing in the world is to fit in. Being unique and original is a great thing, but I didn’t realize that until my mid-twenties. Shows like South Park promoting “Kick a Ginger Day” certainly didn’t help.

I now have a redheaded daughter and niece, and my wish for them both is to see how wonderful it is to be a redhead, and how important it is to be yourself. There will always be people who tell you myths about redheads; like how redheads have no souls. My response: Every freckle we have is a soul we’ve collected along the way! 

Aside from being more careful in the sun, being a redhead is great. Here are five more reasons why being a redhead is amazing:

1. You always stand out.

2. You can wear muted tones and still be as bright as a flower.

3. You also look fantastic is jewel tones year-round.

4. Being told people go to a salon for my color, or it cannot be replicated from a bottle wasn’t a big deal as a child, but it feels pretty special now.

5. You have empowering redheads to read and watch. 

Watch Anne with an E on Netflix or read the original Anne of Green Gables. She blossomed when she finally came to love her red hair!

So for all of the redheaded kids and teens feeling bad about their hair color, or trying their best to just “blend in” I say stop. We were born to stand out. The world would be pretty boring if we all looked and acted the same.

Rock it like a Redhead! 

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