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Mary Anderson

5 Approved Beauty Products for Redhead Men

And, ladies don't be afraid to dabble in these as well

Full disclosure: sometimes I buy my redhead husband beauty products so I can sneakily use them. For those that know us personally, this should come as absolutely no surprise (my husband barely deigns to use conditioner, and I am a beauty product addict). But some redheads out there might not have realized what a treasure trove the Men’s aisle actually is.

Pros to shopping for guy stuff? I’ve found it can occasionally be cheaper (I’m looking at you, razors). It also, in my experience, is a bit more straightforward and less fussy. There’s no overpowering fragrances or extra ingredients to irritate my sensitive skin. Of course, if we’re being real here, let’s not forget the biggest pro of all: squealing “BUT I BOUGHT IT FOR YOU, HONEY!” when your husband angrily waves the credit card bill in your face. But maybe that’s just me.

Below, find my five ‘Redhead Approved’ men’s products:

1. Dollar Shave Club: For a few bucks a month, these guys will send you lovely sharp new razors so your poor pits, legs, and other bits don’t get sliced up and irritated by dull blades. Also, have you seen how much the pink razors cost in the drugstore!?!


2. Jack Black Bump Fix Razor Bump & Ingrown Hair Solution: Last Christmas I bought my husband a whole slew of Jack Black products. I ended up using this one when (inevitably) I got ingrown hairs in sensitive areas (look, we can’t be expected to wax ALL winter, okay?!). It clears up those itchy bumps quickly and doesn’t further irritate.


3. Malin + Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant: Don’t want to smell like baby powder and gross synthetic florals? This fresh smelling stuff is for you.


4. LUSH Dirty Shave Cream: Because it is way better smelling and way less drying than your standard shaving cream. And if your anything like me (Sahara skin at all times), that’s a must.

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5. Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve: My husband refuses to use body lotion. Too girly? Who knows. But, is totally fine slathering this stuff on up to his elbows. Go figure.


What are some men’s products you like to steal (I mean, borrow!)? Tell us in the comments.

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Rock it like a Redhead, ladies & gentlemen! 

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