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3 Realities of Life as a Redhead

Red hair simply amazes the world!

Being a redhead means sticking out in a crowd and being compared to that one other redhead everyone else remembers meeting. But it also means having a membership to an exclusive club of sorts.

Here are 3 realties of life as a redhead:

1. Everyone will assume you and other redheads are related

The world assumes all redheads are related — *insert laughter*!

My story: Freshman year of college, I gave myself a concussion during a sporting event in my first few weeks away from home. I was three and a half hours away from home, unable to remember quite where I was, with no car, and unsure how I’d get to the hospital. Two of my team mates were also redheads and brought me to the hospital. The doctor assumed all of us were related and proceeded to ask my team mates questions about my health, as if they were immediate family. My team mates went along with it, but we had a long laugh after!

2. Red hair is praised within families 

It’s so rare to have the MC1R gene, so when you are born with vibrant red hair, family members talk about if for a lifetime!

My story: My distant family is from Germany. My immediate family doesn’t have anyone with red hair and I was very always seen as very unique. In 2016, I visited/met with relatives and had heard that many of my German relatives were redheads. I stayed with a second cousin (a redhead cousin) who I knew prior to the trip and we went out to eat. We talked for hours about being redheads and our genealogy tree.

3. Strangers will always try to guess your nationality

“Are you Irish?”

“Are you Scottish?”

My story: When I was a freshman in high school, people weren’t quite sure what to make of me. I was the 5 foot 10 redhead who didn’t quite have an unidentifiable accent. Everyone was so curious about my nationality and background. For some reason, a group of girls assumed I was Romanian. I explained, very apologetically, that I wasn’t Romanian. They laughed it off and sat with me the remainder of the semester.

Can you relate to any of the above?

Rock it like a Redhead! 

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