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10 Signs You’re a Redhead at Heart: The Tell-Tell Signs Whether Your Hair is Red, Brown or Blonde

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Redheads, do you have friends who you swear are “‘Gingers’ at Heart”? For the blondes and brunettes of the world, are you convinced you should have been born a redhead? The following characteristics will clue you in if your heart is for team red:

1. You have been described as fiery or sassy, and it’s commonly suggested you have the fierce personality of a redhead.


2. You have a slight fear of the sun. You, like most redheads, believe it has evil powers.


3. You’ve never had a tan a day in your life. Your skin color is either red or white, or a mix of both.


4. You like to refer to your freckles as “angel kisses.” It makes them seem heavenly.

Photo Credit: Lauren Rosenbaum

5. You picked your college based on their ‘redhead friendly’ school colors. C’mon, your hair has to stand out at all times.

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6. When you’re embarrassed, everybody within a 100 feet of you can tell. Darn! You can never escape your easily changeable pigmentation.



Photo via Pinterest

7. You’ve had a million people tell you never to dye your hair. They say, “Is that natural? Never dye it!”



Photo: Copyright, How to be a Redhead. Kara Kochalko Photography.

8. Finding the right eyebrow pencil color, mascara color, foundation color, really any color, is a trial. We must be thankful for!


9. Hair extensions are a big no-no. They don’t quite match your shade.


Photo via Instagram Photo.

10. You #RockitlikeaRedhead! You have fun, party, and love your hair just the way it is.

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