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Alyssa Showalter

10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Redheaded Man

Redheaded guys are awesome!

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By: Alyssa Showalter

1. You would not be the only redhead in the room.

Sharing some of the limelight can be good. Plus, people would just end up talking about how cute you two are together.

2. You two can share stories of growing up ginger.


3. He understands your childhood memories.

..because, well, he grew up with the same things.

4. He can be the best friend and troublemaker you have been looking for.

Some people like to point out that redheads (and redhead men) love to have fun.


5. He loves your red hair.

Most guys love red hair, but a redheaded man will love it on a level that is cute and romantic.

6. Speaking of charming, did I mention redheaded men are charming?

They know how to make someone smile, as well as feel special. VIEW: 21 of the Hottest Redhead Men You’ve Ever Seen.

7. They grew up ginger, so yes, they know jokes and they know how to make people laugh.

Comes with the territory of being bullied.

8. Sharing the same self-care regime that you do.

He will most likely need the same things as you do. Sensitive skin body wash, sunscreen and lotions for that fair skin.

9. They are passionate.

We all secretly know that redheaded guys can be very passionate.


10. Redheaded kids!

IF it comes to that point in your relationship, you will be blessed to hopefully have redheaded children. Statistics prove that each parent has to have the redheaded gene to have redheaded kids. We aren’t going extinct!

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So here’s a shout out to our fellow redheaded men, and just like us beautiful redheaded women, you should all Rock it like a Redhead!

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