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10 [More] Amazon Beauty Finds Under $25!

Even More Budget-Friendly Amazon Finds For Redheads!

We’re back with even more beauty essentials from Amazon! These budget-friendly and ‘Redhead Approved’ beauty staples that are a must-have this fall: 

1. Exfoliate the skin 

Touch up around your face while exfoliating and dermaplaning using Schick Hydro Silk Touch-Up Multipurpose Exfoliating Dermaplaning Tool. 

2. Make your eyes pop 

This mega palette is perfect for those just getting into makeup, or anyone who wants a palette with a pop of color that won’t break the bank. 


3. Don’t ruin your white towels 

Wash away makeup, dirt, and build-up with these reusable face towels. Plus, they won’t ruin your white towels with makeup stains. 


4. Organize your space

These chic acrylic makeup organizers are perfect for tidying up your bathroom or vanity. 


5. Save the planet while washing your face 

Remove makeup while being gentle on the skin. Perfect for those with sensitive skin!


6. Protect your makeup brushes 

A simple way to store your makeup brushes without worrying about dirt or damage. 



7. A new way to wash your face

These teardrop-shaped sponges effectively unclog pores along with excess oil and dirt.



8. The ‘clean’ way to use your skincare products 

The perfect way to scoop up your potted makeup, moisturizers, face masks, and more without sticking your fingers in the container!


9. Protect your red hair while getting ready for the day

Keep your red hair out of your face while applying makeup, doing a face mask, or washing your face. 




10. Make your red hair pop even more

Add a pop of color to your red hair with these adorable dressy hair clips.

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Rock it like a Redhead!