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10 Best Cream and Liquid Highlighters For Redheads On Any Budget

You Can Splurge or Save!

Highlighter is an amazing way to elevate your redhead makeup look and add a little dimension to the face. For something that’s wearable day and night, try a cream or liquid highlight. For a full glam look, use a powder highlight because it can be more intense. Whatever you may choose, these products will melt flawlessly into the skin leaving you with just the right amount of glow to complete your makeup look. 

On a budget?

Or maybe you want to give highlight a try before investing in it. Don’t worry we have you covered. Here are five ‘Redhead-Friendly’ and budget-friendly options all under $15:

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Wet n Wild MegaGlo Conceal & Contour Highlighter Stick: $5

Ready to splurge?

Ready to take things to the next level and amp up your highlight game? Try one of these ‘Redhead-Friendly’ options that are a little bit more of a splurge but are well worth it:


COVER FX Custom Enhancer Drops Liquid Highlighter: $32


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