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Why Working From Home Is Great for Your Redhead Beauty Routine

Is WFH your best-kept beauty secret too?

Many people noticed once they started working from home, their skin and hair got healthier and more vibrant. Ever wonder why this is? Here’s why working from home can do wonders for your redhead beauty routine. 

1. Less heat on our red hair

Most people style their hair when going to work. This usually means using blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons to get that perfect look. When working from home, you use less heat on your hair which makes it healthier and stronger.

2. Less pore clogging from makeup

Another thing most people do when heading to an office is put on makeup. Makeup can cause clogged pores and might cause acne and other blemishes. Working from home means less makeup and healthier, cleaner skin

3. More time for skincare

Working from home means you have more time for skincare. This means if you want to do a full skincare routine every morning you can, you can apply creams and serums to sit on your face all day long leaving you fresh and glowing.

4. You can do beauty treatments anytime of the day

Hair masks, sheet masks, under-eye masks, pimple treatments, and other beauty treatments can be done whenever you want. Nobody is going to know if you’ve got a pimple that needs some zit cream or you need to use under-eye patches in the middle of the day. Pop on your beauty treatment and get to work! Just don’t forget to check your calendar for a zoom call

Rock it like a Redhead!