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Why I Hate When People Tell Me My Hair Isn’t Red (And What To Do About It)

If a redhead's hair isn't vibrant and bright, they're assumed to have blonde or brown hair!

Redheads enjoy the love and compliments but once in a while, we run into those who will insult us without thinking it is an insult. Some people still think it is a compliment to tell a natural redhead: “Your hair doesn’t even look red. I would say it’s more like.. (insert another hair color shade here).”

I lived in Japan for five years and so many people told me I had blonde or brown hair. My shade is definitely red but can sometimes look like a deeper red. I would get so frustrated and angry –– many times bursting into tears. They didn’t understand they were taking away the one thing that made me, well, me.

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I grew up in a family made up mostly of brunettes and blondes. The only other redheads in my family are my aunt and cousin. I grew up being one of the few. I was given this identity and am forever a redhead.

Most people identify with their religion, ethnicity, race, and gender. Most redheads identify with their hair. It is a part of who we are.

I wish I could say I lectured most of the people in Japan that I did, in fact, have red hair but I didn’t. They just didn’t see it, despite the fact that Asia does indeed have natural redheads. Rare, but they do exist!

Alyssa in Japan

What I Do When This Happens:

The only thing that helped me get through that situation is to have a support team — whether it is close friends or family. They will let you know that you’re definitely a redhead and to not let others bother you. If you are a redhead that is told your red hair is not red, find someone who does and keep rockin’ it like a redhead each and every day!

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