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When In Doubt, Wear Red This Holiday Season!

By: Olivia Volpe

What’s the best way to wear red during the holiday season? Well it’s a long-standing myth that redheads shouldn’t wear red, but it’s time to put that myth to bed with some fabulous new ways to style that vibrant hue. We rock this fabulous shade all year round and a little extra never hurt anyone, so here are my favorite ways to rock the crimson shade this winter!

Pucker Up! The easiest way to work a little extra red into your look is to add a pop of color on your lips!   Never choose a lipstick too close to your hair color because it can make our faces look hollow and lifeless; instead, choose a great shade that stands out even next to fiery locks!  Try NARS Heat Wave for a pumped up look that only adds 10 seconds to your getting ready routine.

Fabulous Accents! Brightly colored accents are so on trend right now, so think back to your color wheel to gain some inspiration.  From jeans to belts or a great pair of shoes, red is an especially eye-catching color that adds a little oomph to any outfit!

Glitz and Glamour! Red and gold jewelry has a fabulously luxurious feel that makes any outfit ten times better!  Try adding stacks of gold and red bangles on your arm for a simple touch that really adds to your outfit.  My favorite is this pair of earrings.   The gold color near your face and hair will make your features pop!

Go All the Way! Take the plunge and make an entrance in the perfect red dress.  Jessica Rabbit rocked her famous red sequin number and made jaws drop and so can you!  While floor length red sparkles may be a bit much, instead opt for a deep garnet or burgundy color in flirty style.  Just as most other jewel tones bring out the best of our ginger features, a deep crimson will accent your red hair and you’ll definitely stand out in a sea of black, green and gold at the office party!