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What Colors Look Best With Gray/White Hair That Was Once Red?

There are a few colors that *must* be included in your wardrobe!

As we age, red hair turns white (in most circumstances) and sometimes gray. Many redheads choose to rock their new, lighter hair shade because let’s face it — spending hundreds of dollars at the salon for dyed red hair and the upkeep itself can be too much. Are the fashion colors that look oh-so-good with red hair, like emerald green, eggplant purple, and sapphire blue, still acceptable with the new shade your hair has turned? The answer is yes. A redhead’s coloring will usually remain the same, so your favorite fashion colors can be forever worn too.

But, there are a few colors that *must* be included in your wardrobe that will look great with your gray/white hair and will also work with your coloring. Here they are:

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1. Red 

Once a redhead, always a redhead! Rock the color red loud and proud, and don’t be afraid to wear a red lip with it too. Your shade of hair may be different, but your inner red will always be there.

2. Black

Deep colors instantly complement redhead skin and black is no exception.

3. Patterns

Being a redhead is all about having FUN! Leopard, stripes, multi-colored articles are a great way to bring personality to your look.

4. Pink

Brighten your look and rock a fun, youthful color!

5. Classic black & white 

Your gray/white locks are classic, so why not go with classic black and white clothing?

6. Cream, but…

You don’t want to look washed out! When wearing this color, make sure to pencil in the brows, wear lipstick, and add some bronzer.

7. Blue

Light blue, including jean-colored clothing, is super fresh and fun. Many redheads have light-colored eyes (in fact, it’s one of the rarest combinations in the world to have red hair and blue eyes) and blue clothing will enhance your complexion even more.

8. Dark Blue

Redheads look fabulous in deep colors! Dark blue, green, purple are some of our all-time favorites.

Rock it like a Redhead!

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