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Top 4 Redhead Style Icons of 2018

They're all GORGEOUS!

The latest fashion from redheaded celebrities and how to incorporate their style into your own wardrobe!

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By now you may have (and should have!) heard of her before. Current Riverdale star Madelaine Petsch is a breakthrough actress who made her debut in the show’s lead cast as her malicious and devious character, Cheryl Blossom. One thing’s for sure, Cheryl’s fashion sense showcased in the series is absolutely stunning. But Madeleine’s own style is more spunky, vibrant, and just to die for. She’s never afraid to rock daring colors that many redheads are apprehensive to try out, such as yellow, navy blue, blush pink, and yes, red. She’s the queen of staying on-trend while rocking her long, gorgeous red tresses.

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You may recognize Madelaine from season one in Orange is the New Black or as Janine, a woman who is forced to get pregnant, give birth, and give up her daughter, in the drama hit show, The Handmaid’s TaleMadelaine is a ‘chosen’ redhead and is currently rockin’ a deep, auburn hue that complements her skin tone and eye color. She told Cosmopolitan in an interview last year, “I don’t need a man to tell me he loves me, I don’t need this industry to tell me it loves. I love myself.” 

Her style is effortless, bold and strong. She plays with color while also sticking to dark tones and textures.


Anyone who’s seen last year’s box office blowout, IT, the Stephen King remake, was no doubt blown away by the natural beauty that was Beverly Marsh. The redheaded actress behind the role is Sophia Lillis, a 16-year-old actress from New York. If you’re not a fan of horror, then alternatively you may have spotted Sophia in SIA’s colorful music video for her holiday album’s hit single, Santa’s Coming for Us.

During IT, Lillis’ tomboy character, Beverly, cuts all her long, flowing, red locks off in a desperate attempt to let go of the pressure to appear pretty and feminine. Sophia is currently rocking an even shorter pixie haircut post-film production. The short, red hair is adorable on Lillis; she’s got such an effortless look about her that has us convinced that she can rock anything. Her personal wardrobe is mostly made up of a neutral color palette which suits redheads beautifully. Sophia frequents oversized sweaters, flowy dresses and overall her look embodies a cute, casual, vintage-inspired style. This bold young actress’s look should encourage us, redheads, that we can rock our red hair: long or short, and that those earthy colors are going to be a go-to all year round.


Sadie Sink is a recent TV star from Netflix’s renowned Stranger Things. Her character, Max, made her first appearance in the show’s second season and it was impossible to not fall in love with her fiery, stubborn and steadfast personality that many of us fellow redheads easily relate to.

Sink has described her style as ‘cool and comfortable’, sporting loads of trendily-cut denim pieces paired with cute sneakers and easy, minimalistic hairstyles. The Stranger Things star almost always rocks a fresh, bare face to show off her freckles, though her brows always look flawless. If there’s something to take from Sadie Sink’s style, it’s that we should be rocking some comfy blue denim this spring. Our red hair enables us to rock denim without even needing to try. Keep doing you, Sadie. We can’t wait to see what you’ll bring to both the film and style industries as the youngest redhead star right now.

Who’s your favorite redhead fashion icon, and what do you like most about their style? Let’s talk ginger celebs in the comments section; we’d love to hear whose redhead-friendly wardrobe is inspiring you right now!