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Sarah Reeves

The Perfect Closet Checklist

By: Sarah Reeves

I was recently cleaning out my closet and realized there are basic garments that every woman should have. Have you been a bit confused on what to throw out or keep?

I have complied a list of essential looks and pieces for building the perfect wardrobe:


1. An Interview Outfit- Even if you have a job or career, you should always have a professional look for interviews, business dinners, and conferences. Essentials: Black dress pants; white silk blouse.

2. The ‘Wowzer’ Dress- Every girl needs a dress in her closet that makes her look like a supermodel. Essentials: The little black dress (make sure it is fitted for your body).

3. Default Wedding Guest Dress- It’s always nice to have a cute easy-to-wear dress for occasions like a friend’s wedding or meeting your beau’s mother. Essentials: Redheads, make sure you have an amazing green or brown dress that really shows off your red locks.


1. Great Jeans- They need to fit right in the waist and the length must be tailored if not the perfect length.

2. Black Blazer- This piece is so versatile that it can be worn over sweaters, dresses, and with tanks and jeans.

3. Basic Black Pumps- You have to keep these polished and nice because they are perfect for all the events in your life. No bar-tar or nights on the town!

4. Charcoal T-Shirt- The color makes anything you wear chic.

5. Working Lingerie- It can be sexy or basic, but they need to be the right pick. No panty lines, ladies! And get fitted for bras because the right size is essential.

TIP: Red haired ladies, pair your outfits with great mascara and a trusted lipstick.