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The Best Post-Holiday Sales Redheads Can Not Miss

Bundle up and take your fiery locks on a shopping extravaganza for these after-holiday sales.

By: Sassy Auburn

The winter holidays are over which means the clearance sales are in full effect. Fifty percent off here, seventy percent off there, from clothes to shoes to purses to makeup. This is a great time for redheads to stock up on some things we might not get to purchase during the year. And, you might find that some items are essential for your redhead life.

Look online first at your favorite e-shops. In the search box, type “Sale”. You’d be surprised what you find. If you’re in the post-holiday shopping mood, hit the malls, shop online and keep your eyes out for these redhead necessities:

1. Hats, Gloves, Scarves:

Most redheads are not big fans of the cold because our body temperature changes with the wind. Literally. You will usually see a redhead wearing hats, gloves and scarves before most think it is cold enough to take them out of storage. Since we need them sooner, it usually means we will need them later. At all stores, discount and designer, and online as well, these goodies are on sale for pennies on the dollar. Stock up on some extra pairs in different colors, styles and materials. They will get used without a doubt.

2. Sweaters and Hoodies:

Remember, a redhead’s body temperature changes quicker than other hair colors, so be prepared with a scarf and cardigan. This means we can go from hot to cold in seconds. Cardigans, sweaters and sweatshirts (especially designer/high-end names) are at a great discount right now.

3. Socks and Slippers:

If you are like me, you probably sleep with your feet in a pair of fleece socks every night to keep your body warm. After 10 minutes in bed, you stick a leg out because you are getting warm, and 10 minutes after that you are throwing the socks on the floor because you now feel like you are walking on fire. Find some great colors and fun patterns that go with your auburn tresses.


4. Skin Care:

You might not think that there are many sales on things you need for your skin, but you’d be surprised. During the gift-giving season, they often put some of our favorite body care, hair care, moisturizers, cleansers, and makeup in pretty sets. After the “sets” season is over, stores want to move these out fast to make room for new spring looks, colors and scents. Hand creams, body lotions, shower gels, perfumes, and nail sets are the biggest finds. So what if there are snowflakes or Santa’s on the packaging!

Online stores like Sephora, The Body Shop and Bath & Body Works are having awesome sales right now. Don’t pass them by.

Set now on sale on
Set now on sale on

5. Lip Care:

We all know that the sun and redheads do not match well. What you may not know is your lips have no melatonin in them, which means they can’t tan or protect themselves from burning. And, as most of you know, sunburned lips HURT! This also increases your chance for developing cancer cells on or around your mouth. After the holidays is a great time to find seasonal lip balms with SPF and scrubs on sale.  Grab a handful of these little gems if you see them on sale since you should have one on you at all times.


Bundle up and take your fiery locks on a shopping extravaganza for after-holiday sales. You are at the perfect time for some major mark downs on specific things we use and need. So stock up, have fun and Rock it like a Redhead!