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Shower Your Way to Perfect Red Hair

Tips for your pre, during + after shower routine

Learning to love your natural red hair texture can be a challenge for some because hair can have a  mind of its own, especially once fully dried. The next time you’re wanting to skip the blow dryer and let your red hair naturally dry, remember these hair tips pre, during and post shower — your red hair will thank you:

1. Pre-Shower

Give your hair a little brush before hitting the shower. This will also prevent any shower-tangles. Yes, we hate those too! Remember to brush from the bottom and work your way up.

2. During-Shower

There’s nothing like a hot shower in the winter, especially before bed. But, did you know hot water is a no no for your hair? It can cause your red tresses to break, while weakening the hair roots. Opt for lukewarm water that next time you cleanse your hair.

Preferably, turn to sulfate-free ‘redhead friendly’ shampoos too.naturally_dry_red_hair_tips

3. Post-Shower

Drying hair: We have all used a towel to dry our red hair. Did you know this beauty habit is actually causing harm to your red hair? Towels create breakage and frizz. Instead, say no to your towel the next time you shower and opt for a cotton t-shirt or a microfiber cloth. Our favorite: AQUIS Hair Towel

Brushing: Drop the brush when your red hair is wet. Your hair is the most fragile during this time. By brushing it, you’re creating breakage and damage to your lovely hues. Instead, use your fingers to get out any annoying tangles and wait until your hair is about 70% dry to put a wide tooth comb through it. Our favorite: Conair Wide Tooth Comb

Styling product: Applying an anti-frizz detangler or hair serum to your hair is a must. It will calm any frizz, leaving your red hair to dry fabulous. [If you’re looking to blow dry your hair, now is the best time to do so. Make sure hair is 70% dry before using your round brush.] Our favorite: Unite U Argan Oil

Don’t put it up: Avoid putting your hair up when wet. We know this can be hard – trust us, we love wearing our red hair up. Elastics, pins and clips can weaken the hair particle. Tip – Is there red hair on your elastic? That means there is breakage happening.

4. Before Bed

Whether you like to shower in the morning or at night, the next best thing you can do for your hair is get sleep! Your skin and body repair at night.

5. Bonus Hair Tip

If you’re looking for a little wave, when your hair is wet, create a chunky braid. The bigger the braid, the fuller the waves will be. Try to not secure the bottom with a hair tie. Release 8-10 hours later. Result: Gorgeous looking red hair.

Which tips will you try? Comment below!

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