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Do Shampoo Bars Work for Redheads? We Have The Answer:

The Newest Trend in Sustainable Beauty

As more and more people embark on a journey of sustainability and low-waste living, we’ve seen a shift in how our beauty products are being packaged. We see more packaging being made of recycled or recyclable materials, and we’ve even seen a shift in the way some products are produced. 

One of the big products we’ve seen change is shampoo. There are now shampoo bars. If you’re not familiar with shampoo bars, they are essentially shampoo in a compact soap bar style that activates when wet. Shampoo bars help cut down on plastic waste from shampoo bottles. 

How do shampoo bars work?

Use a shampoo bar by getting it wet in the shower and then rubbing it on your head from roots to tips about 4-5 times. Then you take your hands and lather in the product like you would any other type of shampoo. Rinse and follow with conditioner!

Are shampoo bars recommended for redheads?

Just like with bottled shampoo, shampoo bars come in all sorts of styles, scents, and ingredient combinations for different types of hair. It is important to make sure your bar is actually shampoo and not just bar soap, because they are two very different things. 

Shampoo bars work on all types of hair, you just have to choose the right one. One of the most popular shampoo bars for all hair types is J.R. LIGGETT’S All-Natural Shampoo Bar, while those with curly hair seem to be loving the BRAVO SIERRA Hair And Body Solid Cleanser. Another popular option is Ethique Shampoo Bar which comes in a variety of formulas for all types of hair. All are redhead-approved! 

Let us know if you have tried a shampoo bar on your red hair!

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