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Sarah Ferguson Dishes On A Day In The Life Of A Royal

Inside the life of Fergie!

Ever wonder what a normal day looks like for a member of the royal family? Well, fellow redhead, Sarah Ferguson “Fergie” has dished all the deets. Fergie is the Duchess of York, ex-wife of Prince Andrew (son of Queen Elizabeth), which makes her the Queen’s ex-daughter-in-law! Fergie is mom to Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice. Since their 1996 divorce, Prince Andrew and Fergie have remained close over the years and continue to live together at Royal Lodge in Windsor.

In an interview with The Times, The Dutchess walks us through her day-to-day life as part of the extended royal family. 

“Fergie rises early, around 6:30 am to start her day. She likes to kick things off with an hour of meditation. She rarely misses breakfast, because she considers it the most important meal of the day. Her breakfast usually consists of soft-boiled eggs, toast, and a tangerine. One thing Fergie does daily is to check in with her publisher. She’s an author as well as a royal and a public figure. She likes to keep in shape and works out when she has the time. Fergie unwinds with a glass of burgundy, a little binge-watching of a movie or show, and her guilty pleasure…skittles.”

Royals, they are just like us! Take a scroll through some of Fergie’s most famous photos from past and present. She’s always showcasing her natural red locks:

Though they had a falling out before Princess’ Diana’s death, the Duchess of York (Fergie) and the People’s Princess were often thick as thieves, and they made it their mission to rebel against the strict orders of the crown.


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