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Rock it like a Redhead This School Season With American Eagle

Everyone has caught the back-to-school fever. Stephanie and Adrienne, Founders of How to be a Redhead, vividly remember how important the first day of school was.. not to catch up friends or to find out who your new teacher was, but to showcase your newest and most fashionable clothes. The goal was to get compliments like “LOVE IT!”, “You look great!” and “So cute!”

The best compliment-guaranteed, back-to-school shopping spree must be at American Eagle. The clothes are great quality, incredibly trendy.. and the current fall collection has the best “redhead friendly” colors to complement your red locks.

Both Stephanie and Adrienne are constantly on-the-go and whether in New York City or traveling to other cities and small towns, they can always find their perfect look at American Eagle. They both have styles that express their individual personalities and they’ve showed us just how they did it.. from the city to the beach.



Stephanie’s look can be described as boho-chic with a bit of an edge. You can find her walking through New York City with a simple bootie and a relaxed, but expressive outfit. She chose the the AE Lace Dress, AE Faded Denim Jacket, AEO IKAT Loop Scarf and AEO Strap Bootie.

The AE Lace Dress is, what Stephanie would say, “so her.” And, it’s a look that most girls absolutely love! It’s a really pretty dress that is soft and the bottom layer is stretchy for a comfortable material. It’s more of a loose fit and is great to throw on, especially when you are running late to class.

 Stephanie paired her dress with the AE Faded Denim Jacket. It’s a faded dark blue wash and it feels like you’ve owned it for years. It’s fitted enough so it doesn’t look sloppy and can easy be thrown on to make any outfit look spectacular.

The AEO Loop Scarf gave color to her outfit and definitely made her red hair stand out. It’s an extremely soft material with enough room to double loop around the neck while still giving you room to feel comfortable. It’s a great buy for summer and fall.

She dressed up her look with the AEO Strap Bootie. It is soft suede with adjustable straps. It’s a fantastic accessory piece for dresses or straight leg jeans. The heel is perfect for city walking and isn’t too high.



Adrienne’s style is very simple with splashes of color and she always rocks shades, especially in the summer sun. She chose Dark Denim Midi Shorts, AE Printed Pullover, AE Denim Vest, AEO Aviator Sunglasses and simple AE flip flops.

First and foremost, American Eagle denim shorts never disappoint. They will last for years and always fit well. A great trick to keep them looking chic is to iron them before wearing them to school or out on the town.

The AE Printed Pullover is a beautiful color that makes red hair pop. It is really unique because it’s light, airy, great for summer & fall weather and pairs well with just about anything. The front of the pullover is a silky chiffon fabric and is probably different than anything you have ever bought.

Adrienne loves to mix up dark and light denim. That’s why she chose the AE Denim Vest. It fits perfect and can be button with a little added room.

For accessories, Adrienne chose the AEO Aviator Sunglasses because they are a classic choice that can be worn five to ten years down the road. And, she completed her beach look with a simple pair of AE sandals. They are great for the beach bum look.

No matter what city you live in, you’re guaranteed to be the most fashionable girl in school. Rock it like a Redhead and ROCK THAT WALK!