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Review: The September ‘Redhead Season’ H2BAR Box

By: Sassy Auburn

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my September H2BAR Subscription Box. Seriously, anything you might need for the onset of fall (aka Redhead Season) is in this month’s beauty box! Let’s go through the ‘redhead friendly’ goodies that were inside:

1. Londontown “Windsor Garden” Nail Polish, $16

Us redheaded fashionistas know that fall is our season. It is kind of awesome—we blend well with the colors and yet we stand out oh, so brightly! It is also a time where we can find it a challenge to transition from summer bright colors to fall warm shades. Londontown’s “Windsor Garden” polish helps us to do that with our nail color.  This bright orange lacquer contains a slightly shimmery reddish hue to bring out the warmth of the shade. It is a great seasonal transformation color and dries super quick.

2. Zuii Organic Eyeshadow in Chestnut, $21.75

Zuii Organic’s “Chestnut” shadow is the perfect shade to have in your color palette. It’s nice to know that Zuii is completely aware of the chemicals and toxins that can occur in makeup and the harm they can do to your skin, especially people with sensitive skin. Zuii is certified organic which means each item is made with 95% Certified Organic ingredients and the other 5% must be of natural origin. It is free of parabens, fillers or talc. How perfect for us sensitive skinned redheads!

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3. Derma E Nourishing Rose Cleansing Oil, $2

Yes, this little beauty did come in the June H2BAR Box. Yes, it is amazing. And… yes, I did buy two bottles of it right after I tried it. This lightly rose-scented cleansing oil does an amazing job of loosening dirt and makeup to allow you to just wipe it off easily. It leaves your face feeling soft and smooth. Loaded with organic oils and anti-oxidants, this cleanser is perfect for anyone who has sensitive skin, doesn’t like harsh chemical cleansers and wants to give their face a bit of moisture during the cleansing process. There are days when I need a “full face” of makeup and the Rose Cleansing Oil has no problem getting everything off, right down to the toughest mascaras.

4. MooGoo Protein Shot Leave-In Conditioner, $6.50

This item gave me a great little lesson in hair care 101. Have you ever read the ingredients on the back of your conditioners? How many products end with “cone”? None! Ingredients in the silicone family are bad for your red locks because it builds up,  leaving your hair feeling heavy, dead, and lifeless.

The ingredients are: Water, Olive Oil, Milk Protein, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Natural Vitamin E, Vitamin D.

MooGoo products use natural and nourishing products to penetrate each strand, conditioning and repairing your hair. Use a pea-sized amount on just the ends of your red hair to keep it healthy and soft.

5. Juice Organics Shampoo & Conditioner, $2

Because I am an “enhanced” redhead, it is critical for me to use hair products that do not contain any chemicals or sulfates that can strip my hair of its extra color. Even for those who are a natural redhead, heavy products can weigh hair down and make it unruly. Juice Organics contains no sulfates, parabens, silicones, dyes or fragrances. It was safe for my red-enhanced color. The shampoo had a nice natural scent, lathered without effort and rinsed easily. Even the conditioner was barely (naturally) scented, lightweight, and gave my hair a nice feel with very few tangles afterward. It has been a long time since I have found a shampoo that is safe for my hair but still gets it very clean and a conditioner that doesn’t weigh my hair down. This certainly met my expectations and I expect to be purchasing this set very soon.

6. Hotheads Mini G Small Paddle Brush,$15

This brush by Hotheads is the perfect size for home or travel. Designed for back brushing and finishing. It’s also the perfect little dry shampoo brush to lift the hair at the root. Simply apply dry shampoo to your root, wait 1-2 minutes and then brush out.

7. Beauty & Pin-Ups Linger Style & Sculpting Spray Gel, $24

If you are going to style after washing your hair, first leave it damp and lightly spritz the Beauty & Pin-Ups Gel all over your red hair. I found that if you aren’t washing your hair on day 2, you can put on a very light layer of the spray gel and let dry. Then style using hot rollers, a flat iron or a curling brush and the style will lock in without your hair feeling like it is coated with dried glue. The bottle dispenses a fine mist which it makes it easy to not overdo it. It is a big bottle so it will last you a long time!

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Get some hair inspiration using the product below:

8. Dermal Youth Lip Balm with SPF 30, $7.50

It is true — our lips have no way to prevent sunburn. They contain no melanin to protect them against harmful UVB rays. In addition, this time of year we tend to have dry lips and, a force of habit, we lick them to help them feel moister. This actually does more harm than good because the “wetness” from your saliva evaporates quickly, taking, even more, moisture with that. In turn, they get drier faster. Even if you are going about a daily routine, it is good to wear a lip balm with a good SPF in it to prevent the damaging rays from hitting those lips. With the Dermal Youth Lip Balm, I find it easiest to put on a light layer, rub it into my lips, let it sit for a minute or two and then finish with my favorite gloss, lipstick or tint. If I’m going au natural for the day, I just apply a light layer and then stick it in my pocket for touchups.

9. Akar Ruby Lip Butter

H2BAR gave us a great option this month: a nice little jar of tinted lip butter! Tinted lip butters are not new to me but Akar’s feels a little different. Most lip butters contain petroleum (mineral oil) in their products. This creates a false sense of hydration by completely sealing the lips like a plastic coating while clogging and suffocating the pores, leaving your lips drier over time. Akar’s uses natural oils for hydration and alkanet root and leaves for the subtle but still noticeable tint. The jar is small and convenient to carry with you anywhere!

So, are you ready for fall? With this month’s H2BAR Beauty Box, you have a little bit of everything to help get you ready for the change in temperatures and seasons. Your skin, hair and lips will thank you and your glamour collection gets a boost for autumn. It’s your season to Rock it like a Redhead! 

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