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Review: A Look Inside the June H2BAR Box

By: Sassy Auburn 

June is here and we are welcoming it with open arms! The weather is getting better every day, vacations have started and glamour trends are changing. This month’s subscription from the H2BAR Box (theme: “I’m Really a Mermaid”) is packed with great items that we redheads will love.

This month’s box had a value of $116!

Let’s talk about what is inside:

1.Bed Head Queen Beach Salt Infused Textured Spray (@bedheadbytigi), $19 Value:

Everyone likes to think of beach getaways. We love the beach-inspired textured mermaid waves too. This sea salt spray by Bed Head can give you the same look… without even leaving your house! This spray is awesome because it will give your red hair a textured, yet manageable look.

How I Use It: I like to use hot rollers on my hair then comb it out, using the spray to give it a “piecey” look with volume. Or, I put my hair in an updo and sprayed the pieces for a light hold.

Don’t forget—if you tend to get frizzy with the humidity, a light spray of the Bed Head Sea Salt Spray all over your hair will keep those flyaways in check. And the scent? Delish! A great summer item to work with for different hairstyles!

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2. Derma E Nourishing Rose Cleansing Oil (@dermae), $2 Value Samples:

Let’s just say I’ve already purchased 2 full-size bottles of this — after only using it for a few days! We all know redheads tend to have super sensitive skin. It took me so many years to know what ingredients to look for to use or avoid. Cleansers tend to be a difficult product to find. It’s the first thing we use morning and night, so it really sets the stage for the rest of your look.

If it irritates your face, the rest of your routine won’t feel or look good. I was a little hesitant to try Derma E Nourishing Rose Cleansing Oil simply because I know my current cleanser works great. I began to research the benefits of rose water for the skin. In addition to having anti-inflammatory properties, it is also beneficial to remove dirt that has built up in your pores. When I decided to use it, I instantly fell in love with it. It literally “melts” all the dirt and makeup from your skin—even the stay-all-day makeup. After rubbing it on gently in a circular motion, I just wiped everything off with a warm cloth (no need to use water!).

My face felt so smooth and had no redness. Plus the light rose scent is not heavy at all and was not an issue.

3. How To Be A Redhead “Red Hair Is My Superpower” Tote Bag, $35 Value


Okay, gingers…this is a no-brainer. As summer gets started, we know we have to be everywhere and anywhere at any given time. Graduation parties, weddings, trips to the beach, amusement parks… you name it. Between How to be a Redhead tee’s, a book, hair accessories.. and all of the beauty products from the H2BAR Box, you need a good tote to carry it all with you.

This bag also shows how proud you are to be a redhead while keeping your necessities close at hand.

4. ViterEnergy Sample Pack (@goviter) ,$2 Value

Admit it. There are just sometimes you need that extra little “push” to get you through the day. Coffee may not be your thing, energy drinks may not float your boat. Why not get a bit of energy in a way that is easy, discrete and also serves two purposes: a little boost of zest while freshening your breath! Not to mention, it’s a vegan product and contains no dairy or wheat. ViterEnergy does just that. Sweet!

5. Blue Lizard Sensitive Sunscreen (@BlueLizardSun), $10 Value

Redheads and sun are like oil and water—not very compatible. With an SPF of 30+, this is a great product to shield you from both damaging UVA and UVB rays. This sunscreen is great for us redheads with sensitive skin, as it does not contain harsh chemicals and gets its sun protection properties from the natural minerals of Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. In addition, it is paraben-free and fragrance-free. Plus, the size is perfect to throw in your purse (or Red Hair Is My Superpower tote bag) if you have to head out on the fly!

6. LeeAnni Eco 3-in-1 Revolution Light (@leeannieco), $5 Value

Let’s face it…we are busy people. If we can find a way to multitask to save some time, that is a beautiful thing. This product actually multitasks to make us beautiful. When I fell in love with the skin care industry, an old-school skincare routine consisted of 5 products or more. You can have a cleanser, a toner, a variety of serums, a moisturizer and a protection. When you have sensitive skin, it can create even more steps.

With LeeAnni Eco 3-in-1, you can actually combine three steps (tone, serum, and moisturizer) in one simple product! This will save time (and sanity!) on those rushed mornings. The moisturizer is long lasting and works all day to keep your skin hydrated, especially if you have combination or oily skin, especially in the warmer weather. This one-step wonder is made with 100% natural ingredients and also helps to tighten skin, fight aging, tone your skin, calm irritation, and help with sun damage. This is another one of those gems that can save you time (and space!) whether you’re at home or traveling. One product for three steps is the perfect timesaver for us beauties.

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7. Skinn Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette (@skinncosmetics), $32 Value

We all know the summer can involve a lot of activities. All of these things can be detrimental to a great makeup look. Whether the water comes from the ocean, the sprinkler, the pool or from a good sweat, we would like to keep our makeup right where we put it. This is the time of year waterproof makeup becomes a staple in many of our vanities. This pallet is really nice. First, the colors are very neutral and can go with anything. You can blend them or use them individually for a nice eye look. They go on smoothly with its brush, and it will set in just a few minutes. And after it sets, it isn’t going anywhere! I wore these the day I got my H2BAR box and I was very impressed on the way they looked and the way they stayed put…. ALL DAY! What was also nice was they didn’t need an aggressive product to remove it that evening. A regular eye makeup remover did the trick. This pallet is perfect for the days you really don’t have a chance to check your makeup or days when you are going to need a look that is going to need to stay fresh looking ALL DAY if I’m running errands, out in the heat or taking a dip. Perfect.

8. Ozone Layer Zero Cares Deodorant (@zerocares), $9 Value:

I will be honest… I wasn’t sure what to think of this product. At first, the scents of rosemary & lemongrass hit me a bit hard. I hadn’t had a fragrance in my deodorant for several years. But, I quickly realized they were 100% natural essential oils — and the smell was 100% natural, too.

It didn’t irritate my sensitive skin and, in fact, left a refreshing feeling. The best part? It worked GREAT! During a warm, busy day working outside I didn’t even notice a sweat and definitely no smell of perspiration. Many natural deodorants contain baking soda, and this product does not.

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June often keeps us busy as summer shines in. Between parties, weddings, picnics, vacations, showers, graduations and all the other events we have to balance, we want to be able to keep some great products close at hand in order to calm our occasional chaos. June’s H2BAR subscription box gives us all kinds of things to keep us looking and feeling like fabulous mermaids this summer.

Rock it like a Redhead!

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