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7 Reasons Why Freckles Are Awesome

By: Meredith Adams

I love my freckles! They’re subtle but suit me perfectly. Here are 6 reasons why freckles are fun, awesome and radiant. 

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1. Young for life.

It’s because of my freckles I am able to look younger than I am and often get stopped and asked if I am a freshman in college. Fun fact: I’m a senior. 

2. So many ways to wear them.

Freckles can be really fun. You can let them be free, or get a little fancy with some bronzer. 

3. What pimple?

My favorite part about having freckles is that they naturally cover breakouts. It provides passerby’s with something else to look at besides the zit growing on my cheek on a rough week.

4. They make us look tan.

Freckles are the closest thing I know I’ll ever get to a natural tan, and they can also keep life interesting.

5. They’re always there for you.

…even when you’re bored in class. I have been known to play “connect the freckles” (my own personal version of connecting the dots) and use my freckles to provide an outline for me to doodle on myself.

6. Get a good laugh.

They also make for a great sarcastic comeback, like if someone keeps hassling you for the time you could simply point to a freckle on your wrist and jokingly say, “it’s a half passed freckle”.

7. People want freckles!

Imitation is the best form of flattery, right? It’s now on-trend to draw on freckles. You’re so lucky to have them naturally. Rock it, redheads. Warning: Do not draw them on with permanent marker!

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Consider freckles your redheaded badge of honor and wear them with pride! After all, freckles can help you look more youthful, provide the perfect procrastination tool, or even give you a vehicle for a funny comeback. What more could you ask for?

Rock it like a Redhead!