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Freckle Friendly Beauty: Foundations

By: Andrea Claire

As a hair and makeup artist for 25 years and a redhead for 43, I can say that I definitely have the knowledge and experience as to what works best on our ginger skin.

Funny thing is that I live in Asia where freckles are taboo and I’m constantly approached by counter staff trying to sell me whitening creams to get rid of my “ugly spots”. Sigh.

I’m not sure if I’m the only redhead with the gift of sarcasm, but I usually turn around and tell them that I would have to bathe in bleach for about 18 hours a day to get rid of my so called ‘ugly spots’. Fact is, I love them and so should you.

So this brings me to share with you, fellow freckle-dusted beauties, some of my favorite foundations that are freckle-friendly.

1. DiorSkin NUDE BB cream

I wear ‘002’. This has a natural finish with a fresh, radiant glow that evens out skin tones without masking our fairy kisses (ok, freckles).

2. NARS Sheer Matte

I wear ‘Deauville’. Great for those with oily skin! I highly recommend this foundation as the matte texture maintains a breathable feeling so you aren’t coated. I use this one on my t-zone, especially for any of my on-camera work so my nose doesn’t take over the show (you want to be a star, but you don’t want to shine!)

3. FACE atelier Ultra Foundation

I wear a mix of ‘#2’ & ‘#3’ in the available shades. This let’s the skin breath and it’s a buildable* foundation, that way you can achieve a sheer to maximum coverage while still allowing your freckles to radiate.

4. DaLish Cosmetics

I wear ‘#2’ in this foundation. They advertise themselves as having a sheer matte foundation, but I find their formulation has a little more slip versus typical matte finishes; this makes for an easier application, true to their silk to matte claim. It’s buildable as well.

5. NARS all day luminous powder foundation

I wear ‘Sweden’ which has light yellow undertones; you can try ‘Deauville’ which is more neutral with the undertones. With its SPF 24 and ability to maintain a velvety texture in various weather conditions this is truly a wearable powder globally. Apply with a kabuki powder brush for light coverage. For medium coverage, dampen the sponge that is hidden in the panel under the powder and apply with that.

6. Burberry Sheer Luminous Foundation

I wear Trench #4. A luminous, skin-perfecting veil that is long-lasting and I must add how much I adore the fresh clean scent too.

I guess you can see the running theme here. [Aside from the fact that I have a lot of foundation. I don’t wear them all at once.] Sheer tops the beauty charts as women want to have a modern feel to their makeup. Dramatic eyes and lips are complemented with sexy, tangible skin, not clown-white-cake-face.

Tips for applying creams and liquids:

I love foundation brushes and the Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush is perfect. I like to stipple foundation and then buff with a sponge. The latest growing craze in Asia are the vibrating foundation applicators which mimic the stippling effect without tiring your wrist. I have one from Luview, a Korean brand that I LOVE and have coveted for a few years now.  Set your foundation with a true translucent powder; I love Laura Mercier’s Invisible Loose Setting Powder.

(*BTW Beauties: Buildable means you can layer the product smoothly without creasing and lines. Very important when it comes to makeup.)

Do you have a foundation fave? Don’t hold back! I love to know what you use too.


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