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Redheads: Should You Be Putting Your Skincare Products in the Fridge?

Everything You Need to Know About This Skincare Practice

You’ve probably seen influencers store their skincare in a cute little mini fridge, and you might be wondering if you need one. A dedicated mini fridge isn’t always necessary but here’s everything you need to know about refrigerating your beauty products. 

The benefits of refrigerating skincare: 

Keeping skincare in the fridge has a number of benefits including a cooling effect on your skin, keeping active ingredients effective, and helping your products last longer. However, the majority of products are created to be kept at room temperature without any issues. Keeping products cool may be the most beneficial if you live in a hot, humid climate, or don’t have air-conditioning in your home. This will help to keep products from getting too hot or being exposed to too much light. 

You don’t technically need a tiny fridge for your skincare:

While a tiny refrigerator looks cute and may be convenient to have your skincare in your bathroom or bedroom, it’s not actually necessary. If a product needs to be refrigerated you can put it in your normal fridge assuming the product is airtight. If a product isn’t airtight it may take on the smells of your fridge. 

Which products go inside?

Not all products should be refrigerated, and the best way to know is to see what the brand recommends on their packaging. Usually, products will say “keep in a cool, dark place” or something along those lines. Want to know more about which products are recommended to be refrigerated? Check out The Redhead Beauty Products to Put in Your Skincare Fridge for a list of six product categories that should be kept cool and more importantly, the ones that should not go in the fridge.

Recommended tiny fridge: 

Aesthetically, we love this skincare fridge and it works well too.


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