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The July 2019 H2BAR Box Review

H2BAR Box to the rescue!

At times (especially while outdoors), summer can be a struggle for redheads. Our red hair isn’t always happy, our skin can get more sensitive… and that hot sun! Whether we are safely enjoying these warm months or inside where it is cool, we still have to keep our ‘redhead friendly’ beauty routine on track. This month’s H2BAR Box gave us everything we need to rescue our hair, body, and skin. Keep scrolling to learn about all the products featured.

1. Paul Mitchell Color Protect Shampoo & Conditioner ($23)

Paul Mitchell is always looking out for us natural and color-enhanced redheads. The heat, humidity and sun can wreak havoc on our red locks. This Color Protect Shampoo and Conditioner safely cleanses hair while keeping hydrated, strengthened and shiny. Plus, it contains UV protection to prevent fading! How perfect is that?

2. NICO & ROBO Firm Believer Face and Chin Mask ($7)

Who doesn’t love a good sheet mask? Not only does this mask from NICO & ROBO cover your face with a serum full of antioxidants, but it also stretches and wraps around the chin and neck area –– bonus! Pamper yourself with this 10-minute spa treatment to give your redhead skin a natural boost of nourishment.

3. How to be a Redhead ‘All I Need’ Makeup Bag ($25)

Redhead swag is the best swag! Use this ‘redhead friendly’ makeup bag to hold all your favorite beauty products. Designed specifically for H2BAR Box subscribers. Toss it in your beach bag, purse or carry-on.

4. NIA24 ‘Three Best Sellers’ Packets ($5)

Skincare samples are a great way to see if a certain brand or product will work for you. If you’ve been a subscriber for the past year or so, then you have already tried the fantastic ‘redhead friendly’ brand, NIA24. Their products are packed with ingredients like shea butter and ginger root to keep skin soft, smooth and hydrated.

5. Chiki Buttah Cannabliss Balm ($5) 

Not only are we more sensitive to pain, but we also have a higher resistance to pain remedies. This anti-inflammatory balm made with organic HEMP oil from the hemp plant not only helps to reduce pain in targeted areas but does so naturally. In addition to reducing swelling, it also helps nourish and relax the skin.

6. AB Skincare Acne Spot Treatment ($11)

Another ‘redhead friendly’ brand that has been featured in multiple H2BAR boxes. AB Skincare’s Acne Spot Treatment was developed to fight stubborn acne breakouts for sensitive skin. Use as needed but covering the blemish or pimple with a thin layer one to three times daily.

7. MDSolarSciences Mineral Crème SPF 50 ($7)

Sunscreen is our best friend. This great UVA and UVB mineral blocker from MDSolarSciences is so light it barely feels like you are wearing any sunscreen. Apply after cleansing or combine it with your favorite face moisturizer or foundation for extra protection!

This is definitely the time of year we all want a little sun-kissed glow on our skin. Avoid those harmful UV rays by using this little travel-size towelette throughout your entire body for an even, all-over application –– with no streaking.