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Review: January H2BAR Box, Valued at $100+

So much to celebrate! Happy 2020, Happy 9th Birthday to H2BAR!

A month into 2020 and many forget about their resolutions, but not if you’re an H2BAR Box subscriber! The January H2BAR Box was all about embracing your red tresses and making it the best year ever. H2BAR also celebrated 9 years since the launch of! Here’s what we have to start our year off right:

1. Urban Decay ‘Gingersnap’ Brow Blade, $26

Brows are getting so much attention these days — even redhead brows! You can sharpen or fluff them up in seconds. Urban Decay gives redheads everything we need in one product. This stain & pencil is waterproof, giving you the precise look of microblading without the commitment. Easy to use with a natural look. Plus it comes in the perfect redhead eyebrow shade. Watch the tutorial featured on the @H2BARBox Instagram page below:

2. Copy Cat Cosmetics Cafe Eyeshadow Palette, $27

It’s not easy for redheads to find complementary eyeshadow shades; redheads can use all the colors in this palette — such a score! Some of these shades may look a bit intimidating for a redhead but they provide a natural look for day and a serious pop for after dark. Remember to blend well for the best look! Watch the tutorial featured on the @H2BARBox Instagram page below:

3. PREP Your Skin Vanilla Mint Body Scrub Sachet, $5

Exfoliating is a necessity during the colder months. Body, hands, feet, lips and even your scalp is shedding dead skin at a ridiculous speed. Your body needs special attention too, and this product definitely helps. With a yummy scent, this scrub will exfoliate the bad and nourish the new. No harsh chemicals or sulfates to dry your skin out more.

4. How to be a Redhead Makeup Bag, $25

Did you know the only reason you are a redhead is because of a gene known as the MC1R? How special is that?!?! Carry your epic redhead products in this jazzy bag to let everyone know what the gene is that makes you fabulous.

5. Goodwipes Packettes, $5

These eco-friendly towelettes are a perfect take me anywhere product that fits easily into any clutch or purse so you can be assured of feeling fresh at any place, anytime. Feel good and live clean in a convenient, environmentally-safe way.

6. Miss Spa Rose Stem Cell Repairing Facial Sheet Mask, $5

I LOVE Miss Spa items. Sheet masks, hand treatments, foot treatments, eye masks… they work. And this mask is no different. Give your redhead skin some flower power for tired, dull skin by treating your face with rose stem cells to soothe and moisturize while bringing new cells to the surface.

7. Daily Dose Miracle Moisture Leave-In Conditioner, $10

Any chance we get to add extra moisture to our red hair is a great thing. This leave-in conditioner is like getting a luxury hair treatment at home. A few spritzes on your red tresses keeps your hair, soft and manageable. My hair feels silky and luxurious after one use. My new love! Watch the tutorial featured on @HowtobeaRedhead’s IGTV: 

8. Surprise! A mystery bonus sample, $2  

A nice little bonus was in my beauty box. I received a trial packet of NIA24 Rapid Redness Recovery. I’ve had the chance to try this in the past and it’s always a great treat. For you sensitive-skinned redheads, you will love this.

Get through the snow, the cold, the dry heat and think ahead to warmer, brighter days to come. But right now? Keep yourself looking and feeling fabulous… so you can Rock it like a Redhead!

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