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How To Find the Perfect Prom Dress for Your Red Hair

Whatever your hair tone, we've got inspiration for you

Prom is just around the corner and many redheads find it difficult to find a ‘redhead friendly’ prom dress to complement their red hair and skin tone.

The goal is to find a dress that makes you feel super confident, all while making heads turn.

Prom can be the perfect time to go out your comfort zone and rock a new color or style. We suggest sticking to ‘redhead friendly’ colors such as blues, purples and greens (emerald shades).

That’s not to say you can’t wear a yellow, pink or even sparkly dress. Just make sure you’re choosing the right makeup if you decide to go for a dress on the lighter side.

To help you out this season, we’ve broken it down into 2 easy steps:

1. Choose the Color

..our recommended shades are:

Blue: This color is the ultimate ‘redhead friendly’ color. It complements all shades of red hair, all while making a bold statement.

Redhead Friendly Option: ASOS Lace Bardot Midi Dress With Extreme Sleeves La Femme Ruched Ombre Chiffon Strapless Gown

Purple: Another great color to rock this prom season. We suggest opting for a deep-toned purple to accent with your red hair. Pair it with a pair of silver shoes and long subtle earrings and you’ll be good to go.

Redhead Friendly Option: Jenny Yoo ‘Inesse’ Chiffon V-Neck Spaghetti Strap Gown

Green: Now, this color speaks to us on so many different levels. When you think green this prom, try not to think of leprechaun green. We’re talking about an evergreen, emerald green or forest green. Trust us, this color will do all the talking paired next to your gorgeous red hues.

Redhead Friendly Option: Ever-Pretty Open Back Long Evening Dress

Burgundy: We love rockin’ a deep burgundy year round. It’s another flattering color for us redheads. We suggest pairing it with a red toned lip color, soft cat eye and either gold or silver jewelry.

Redhead Friendly Option: Social Bridesmaids Strapless Georgette Gown

Hot Red: Don’t be afraid to wear red with your red hair. Many redheads think it’s a non-redhead friendly color. The trick is to not go overboard. Once you have the red dress on and red hair down, go light on the makeup and accessories.

Redhead Friendly Option: Say Yes to the Prom Juniors’ Embellished Mermaid Gown

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Yellow: A bright McDonald’s-color yellow is a no-no. Think: light or neon yellow with a pop of floral.

Redhead Friendly Option: The Elisa Dress Dress & The Richmond Two Piece Dress

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Pale or Dusty Pink: Just like yellow, think a pale shade or soft dusty hue. You can opt for a deep pink, but a pale pink looks extra gorgeous next to freckles (if you have them) and skin tone. Accent it with a deep pop of color on your lips.

Redhead Friendly Option: ASOS DESIGN Bridesmaid bandeau tie front maxi dress

White: You can save white for your wedding, or you can rock it at your prom. There are so many ways to wear this color; for instance, choose a white dress with a bit of color at the top to complement your complexion. And, don’t go crazy on the sunless tanner. Your skin and red hair will love being paired next to this color.

Redhead Friendly Option: Say Yes to the Prom Juniors’ Embellished Tulle-Underlay Gown

Silver: Just like white, silver can be tricky. If you’re a sparkly redhead who’s not afraid to make a big bold statement, then we think you’ll love this color.

Redhead Friendly Option: Say Yes to the Prom Juniors’ 2-Pc. Embellished Gown

Gold:  If you’re looking for a jazzy look, then a 1920’s gold dress is calling your name. You can do so much with this color, such as a smoky eye and deep bold lip.

Redhead Friendly Option: Say Yes to the Prom Juniors’ Embellished Illusion-Skirt Dress

2. Choose a Style

..showcase your personality! 

So, you have the color down, but now wondering about the style. Don’t be overwhelmed. We broke down our top three trends this year. Remember: choose a color and style that works with your personality. It’s about feeling your absolute best.

Tap into your inner mermaid: Redheads are real-life mermaids, right? Right! Try a fun dress that flares at the end. You can opt for a dress that has this specific detail, or go for two separates.

We love this dress by B Darlin Juniors’ Glitter Lace Strap-Detailed Gown. Doesn’t it scream “I’m a mermaid”?!


Redhead flower power: We all need a little flower print in our wardrobe, so why not incorporate it into your prom dress? It’s a great way to explore with color too.

Redhead Friendly Option: Sequin Hearts Juniors’ Off-The-Shoulder Ruffled Mermaid Gown

Rock some cutouts: A cutout dress is a great way to show off your fun personality, gorgeous glowing skin and fabulous red hair. We recommend making sure the dress doesn’t have too many cutouts. Less is always more. Try them in the front or side, not both. This dress by Aidan by Aidan Mattox Crepe Cutout Gown is a perfect example.

What will you be wearing this prom season? Rock it like a Redhead!