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10 Colors Every Redhead Should Rock This Spring

According to the Pantone Fashion Color Report for Spring of 2014, the color ‘Radiant Orchid’ reigns superior. However, a few other colors topped the charts and would look lovely on redheads. The ‘redhead friendly’ colors range from soft pastels to vivid brights to create a wonderful equilibrium.

Here are the top ‘redhead friendly’ color trends for spring:

1. Radiant Orchid

The most popular color this season may be one of the most popular amongst us redheads as well. This bold purple color is perfect to throw on every day. It makes red hair beam and look vibrant.


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2. Placid Blue

The color is like a calm, picture-perfect, tranquil and reassuring sky. This peaceful color would look great with a blue-eyed redhead to make their fair skin glow and eyes pop. If you don’t want to wear it as a top or pants, opt for fun accessories like a “Florence Welch” inspired headband.


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3. Hemlock

The color of springtime foliage. This green would look great with hazel or green eyes. Also, what redhead doesn’t look stunning in green?


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4. Sand

A lightly toasted, nice neutral color that is reminiscent of the sand at the beach. Wear this color and let the freckles (or, like us, redheads call it “a tan”) shine through.


5. Red Cayenne

Whoever says a redhead can’t wear red hasn’t seen a redhead in this color. This color is a high-pitched red that adds a dash of spicy heat to neutrals. It can make any outfit pop off of fair skin and make red hair look even redder.



6. Celosia Orange

Orange can be a tricky color for redheads to pull off, but this optimistic, spontaneous hue can work in moderation. Try painting your nails this color for a little extra pizzazz or using it as a lipstick color.



7. Dazzling Blue

Blue looks lovely on all redheads. Pair it with placid blue to make an appealing outfit look even more spectacular.



8. Freesia

Brighten your day by wearing this color. It’s a blazing yellow that is sure to illuminate wardrobes this season. A tropical, floral-inspired shade of yellow can make a redhead look cheerful and happy. You’ll definitely stand out in a crowd wearing this!


9. Violet Tulip

A romantic, vintage purple that evokes wistful nostalgia. Wear this color for a subtle regal elegance. Looks great as an eyeshadow as well.


10. Paloma

A quintessential neutral. It’s interesting to be worn alone or combined with any color for sophisticated poise. Gray colors compliment the fair shade our skin naturally has without making us look washed out.


Rock it like a Redhead!