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Adina Bernstein

Let’s Hear It For The (Redheaded) Boy

By: Adina Bernstein

While there is a mystique about female redheads, male redheads sometimes get the short shrift. Here is a short list of male redheaded performers who prove that they the redheaded mystique also applies to the male sex.

1. Damian Lewis

Best known for his role in Showtime’s Homeland and recently playing Henry VIII in the British TV show, Wolf Hall, Lewis’s body of work extends beyond the standard roles for a British actor. Married to Harry Potter alum Helen McCrory, Lewis proves that redheaded males can attract a partner as much as their brunette and blonde counterparts.

2. Ron Howard

Howard is the best example of a child star who has risen beyond the roles of his youth. While there are many who remember him as Opie in the Andy Griffith Show or Richie in Happy Days, others know him as a respected director and producer. Let’s not forget his beautiful daughter (and redhead inspiration), Bryce Dallas Howard.


3. Rupert Grint

To millions of Harry Potter fans, Grint will always be Ron Weasley. Ron, the child of a large family of redheads, was initially the sidekick but became a hero in his own right. More recently, Grint has stepped away from the world of Harry Potter to play more mature diverse roles on stage and screen.

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4. Danny Kaye

Kaye was part of the generation of pre World War II actors who got their start in the Borscht Belt. Over a period of 40 years, Kaye entertained audiences in a variety of roles. One of the roles that many classic film fans best remember him for is the Court Jester and the “brew is true” speech.

5. Seth Green

To the millions of fans that make up the Buffy The Vampire Slayer fandom, Seth Green is loved as Oz, Willow’s werewolf boyfriend. After Buffy ended it’s run in 2003, Green stepped away from the fantasy genre to work behind the scenes in animated films and television.

6. Prince Harry

Who wouldn’t want a prince? The son of the late Princess Diana and Prince Charles, heir to the British throne, Harry is fifth in line after the recent birth of his niece. While he had his youthful moments of indiscretion, Harry is following in his mother’s footsteps by using his position to help the less fortunate. While he may never wear the crown in his lifetime, he appears to maturing into a responsible and mature man that his mother would be proud of.

Who are you favorite male actors or celebrities? Comment below.

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