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6 Things Makeup Artists Should Remember When Working on a Redhead

Help Your Redhead Clients Have a Great Experience

If you’re a makeup artist who works on redheads, but you aren’t a redhead yourself, you will want to read these tips and tricks. For the most part, doing redhead makeup can be the same as doing makeup on any other hair color, but there are a few ways you can make the experience better for redheads and ensure they love their look.

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1. Get a foundation lightener

Most makeup artists have a pretty broad array of foundation colors, but most redheads are pretty fair and the colors you have might not be light enough. Sometimes even if the color is technically light enough, the hue is too orange for our skin. Add some foundation lightning drops to your kit so you can customize the look to your redhead’s skin tone. 

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2. Choose products for sensitive skin

Most redheads have sensitive skin, so make sure you have sensitive skin products available for the makeup prep process. The last thing you want is a redhead who has a bad reaction to some skincare and it ruins her makeup.

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3. Buy redhead-specific eyebrow products

The worst part about getting your makeup done as a redhead is brows. They never have the right shade and often our brows end up too dark or muddled. Many redheads will request to do their own brows or have their products used. Put your redhead client at ease by adding redhead brow products to your kit. Purchase How to be a Redhead’s Finally Have Brows — a universal brow tint for redheads. 

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4. Invest in brown mascara & brown falsies

Another area where redheads have to suck it up is mascara and falsies. Lots of redheads like the black mascara look or may opt for that look for a more formal event, but some don’t want such a harsh color. By having brown mascara and brown falsies in your kit you can give them a softer look if they want. 

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5. Play with different options for contour 

Contour and bronzer can often look very orange or too dark on redheads. Play around with different options to find the perfect shade for your redhead client. Some cool-toned redheads look best with a more taupe contour, while others just need a really neutral brown. 

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6. Ask if we want our freckles covered 

Every redhead feels different about their freckles, but you should ask before fully covering them. Ask what type of coverage they are going for and ask if they like their freckles to shine through or not. Having our freckles fully covered can make us feel like we don’t look like ourselves and every redhead wants to feel beautiful with than their makeup is being done. 

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