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A Love Letter To My Red Hair During Quarantine

And 4 ways I have found ways to love my red hair during my time at home

The coronavirus has already begun to transform relationships, for better and for worse. For some, the pandemic has created a need for deeper connections. For me, I’ve connected deeper with my red hair. This love letter is for my red hair.

Dear Red Hair,

I am so thankful for you. It was not always this way for me, but in recent weeks and months, you have given me a newfound self-confidence and my self-acceptance has grown even more.

When you have red hair it means you stand out in a crowded room. For this reason, I really hated having red hair when I was young. I hated knowing people were looking at me. Now, being in the midst of a global pandemic, there aren’t anymore crowed rooms and no one is noticing my red hair. I miss it. I even miss getting random compliments in public like, “Your red hair is gorgeous!”. Sometimes that one compliment makes everything better — and because my grocery store trips are now accompanied by a hat, gloves, and mask, I am blending in with everyone else. I feel like I’ve lost my “calling card” and when you lose something, you realize how much you miss it.

It took me a long time to feel confident — not just about my red hair but about myself in general. It was around last year when I finally felt confident and realized my red hair provided that boost for me. Having all eyes on me for years and years made me realize that so many yearn for red hair.

I’ve had a lot of time to think during the quarantine and realize I would do anything to be the only redhead in a crowded room. I know this time will come again but I know I NEVER want to try and change anything about myself.

So, thank you red hair for teaching me these lessons. I will always love and cherish my red hair.

Love, Skylar

Here are 4 ways I have found ways to love my red hair during my stay-at-home quarantine: 

1. Give lots of TLC to your red hair 

Yes, leave-in conditioners and masks are great, but I have been spending time styling my hair. I don’t know about you, but having my hair done is an immediate mood boost. Lately, I have been wearing my red curls down and even using a curling iron to give more curls, and I am even watching tutorials about how to rock cool redhead braids.

2. Give your red hair a boost 

If you feel like your red hair is fading, you’re NOT alone! Many redheads naturally ‘brown out’ or turn to a light strawberry blonde. Invest in a great color depositing shampoo and instantly lift your color at home. Recommended color depositing shampoo: Tressa Watercolors Shampoo and Conditioner

3. Wear lipstick! 

Some days your hair needs a partner in crime, and for me, that partner is a lipstick shade that ties it all together. I am loving reds with blue undertones because it really complements my red hair and pale skin. Recommended shade: Bang Beauty ‘Dangerous’ Red Lip Crayon

4. Get ‘Redhead Friendly’ beauty products sent to your doorstep 

A great way to get a confidence boost and give love to your red hair is to purchase an H2BAR Box beauty box subscription! Monthly and/or quarterly, beauty products will arrive right to your doorstep and shipping is free. It’s so fun to try products made for redhead skin and hair. Subscribe now! 

5. Remember, you’re human

We are all human, we all have our off days. There will be days that you struggle to love yourself, and that’s ok. You are allowed to have a day where you don’t like how you look. We’ve all been there. Just remember you’ve got red hair; rock it, own it, embrace it.

If you’re struggling, know you’re not alone.

Rock it like a Redhead!