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5 Reasons I’m Thankful to be a Redhead

Why are you thankful?

I cannot let this month pass without sharing some of the reasons why I’m thankful for my red hair. Redheads should make sure “being a redhead” makes the gratitude list this Thanksgiving. Don’t you agree?

Here are 5 reasons why I am thankful to be a redhead:

1. Red hair goes with the current season. 

Our hair is the color of fall and this is why it’s called Redhead Season! Leaves of orange and red are displayed on the trees, and varying colors of reds and oranges adorn our heads. During this season, people gather around bonfires and campfires and watch fiery flames that match both our red hair and our personalities – at times, anyway. Pumpkins and other harvest decor provide a perfect backdrop to our red hair and fair skin. Fall is perfectly suited for redheads.

2. Red hair is automatically unique.

It’s the rarest hair color, with supposedly only 2% of the world’s population actually having red hair. I’m also in the 1% that has the red hair/blue eyes combination. So, as you can see, simply being a redhead makes us stand out in a crowd. And, yes, I have the sweatshirt from the How to be a Redhead Shop to prove it!

3. Red hair is shrouded in mystery and fantasy. 

There are several myths and legends about redheads. As a writer, I find this especially fascinating. It’s interesting – and a bit disturbing- that those of us with red hair were once thought to be witches, vampires or some other creatures without souls. Even today, our red hair invites comments and stares. A couple of weeks ago, I had a man ask me if I had a soul; the myths about red hair is still out there. I find it amazing to evoke that kind of reaction just by my hair color!

4. Red hair helps us age gracefully. 

Did you hear that there is scientific evidence that the redhead gene actually makes your look younger? Yes! But also, because we naturally have to avoid or limit sun exposure, we should not have to deal with too many wrinkles. When we do spend time outdoors, we lather on the sunscreen and then reapply repeatedly and wear a big hat and sit under a huge umbrella, etc. Because of this routine, our skin should age pretty nicely. I look forward to having a smooth old face, no matter how pale it is.

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5. Red hair inspires artists. 

I’m thankful to be a redhead because we inspire artists with our crowns of redhead glory. Many famous artists are known for painting models with red hair; some of these artists are Dante Gabriel Rossetti, John Everett Millais, John William Waterhouse, and Frederic Leighton. Some artists have depicted Helen of Troy, arguably the most beautiful woman in all of literature and the spark that started the Trojan War, as a redhead.

So, there you have them. Five of the reasons why I’m thankful to be a redhead. What makes you thankful to be a redhead? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear from my fellow red hair brothers and sisters. Rock it like a Redhead!


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