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Prince Harry’s Wedding: A Moment For “All the World’s Redheads”

Many are calling him a "Ginger Hero"

The Royal Wedding is not only days but hours away. The entire world is watching and news outlets like the NY Daily News are saying Prince Harry is a “Ginger Hero”.

Redhead writer for NY Daily News, Christopher Brennan, elaborates about Prince Harry’s red hair and his wedding saying, “He is the world’s most famous ginger and this weekend people from Jacksonville to Jakarta will watch his nuptials at Windsor Castle outside of London, a big moment not just for the British monarchy but for gingers around the world.”

Redheads experience their fair share of bullying. We have all heard the names and taunts: Carrot top, You’re pretty… for a redhead, Do you have a soul?, Look at that PALE skin!. Not only does this list go on and on, but some will say redhead men do have it tougher than female redheads.

In 2015, an H2BAR writer, Mary Anderson, wrote a popular post titled: Why Redhead Men Have It Tough. 

She writes, “But here is the thing–I’m a girl. And girl gingers, while we have the few people who like to poke fun, are usually considered to be attractive because of their red hair. Ginger guys, however, seem to be looked down upon and begrudgingly recognized as handsome despite being redheads.”

It garnered a lot of attention on social media and in the comment section of the post itself because she brought to the surface something many feel but don’t talk about:

But this weekend, things might not only change for redhead men but the entire redhead population.

The most famous redhead (man) in the world is getting married. It will be the most public ceremony in years and we can help but wonder: will redhead bullying come to a halt? Will it simmer down? Will redheads become more accepted?

We will not know until it happens but we do know Prince Harry appreciates his hair — and confidence is the best way to triumph redhead bullying.

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Last year, a fellow redhead asked the redhead Prince how he felt about marrying Markle “as a ginger” and the prince replied, “it’s great isn’t it?”

Prince Harry has been a great example for male and female redheads around the world and it will be joyous to see him marry the love of his life on Saturday. He truly is a hero for redheads worldwide and we can’t wait to see if he and Markle will have a redhead baby. *Fingers crossed* 

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