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Permanent Eyebrow Tattooing for Redheads : Would You Do It?

WARNING: We know this looks bad! This article provides tips on how to get natural looking eyebrows with professional tattooing.

Eyebrows are a big topic amongst redheads because you can’t equally match hair color with eyebrows if you’re aiming for a natural effect. You might be wondering what the best eyebrow color is for you; we always recommend going a shade lighter than your hair. If your hair is a dark auburn, your eyebrows should be a light auburn. If your hair is strawberry blonde, your eyebrows should be a light blonde.


Instead of shopping around for eyebrow products or getting the brows temporarily dyed, many opt for eyebrow tattooing. Unfortunately, some women have ended up with results like the above picture. “Situations like this are horrible and sad. Properly applied permanent cosmetics look so natural that your friends never know, however the opposite is also true,” says April Meese from New York City’s April Meese Permanent Cosmetics. “Unfortunately not all artists are equal and there are different skill leveIs. Like many things, buyers beware.”


Meese has met and worked on many redheads and said they all want the same result. “Most natural redheads I see are especially concerned with their overall look being natural and understated. A soft powdery eyebrow or the ‘hair stroke’ technique is fantastic for achieving a discreet look.  Redheads ‘by choice’ also want to improve their overall appearance.  They may have more hair and darker hair by nature, but usually the goal is to have youthful flattering eyebrows.”

She meets with women daily who love the look of permanent eyebrows. “They give you the confidence to wake up looking your best and the convenience of saving time on your beauty routine. Let’s face it, when you look better you feel better” says Meese.



How do you go about getting a tattoo artist to perfect your brows? Your best bet, recommends Meese, is to invest money in selecting the right technician. “A ‘bargain’ procedure could cost you more money in the end, especially if you have to go through removal (if possible) and/or correction.  Not to mention the additional time, frustration, depression, and other non-monetary consequences. Choosing the right technician is vital to your welfare.”

It is strongly suggested to search for a permanent cosmetic technician in the same way people research doctors and dentists. Once you have chosen a professional, look at their before and after work. Meese says, “Look at their portfolio of previous clients and make sure to ask if the photos are their own work or stock photos or copied from the internet! Does their work appeal to you and match your own personal style? Does the artist have good client reviews? These are all things to keep in mind.”

But, most importantly, make sure the artist has performed many procedures. “Many permanent cosmetic professionals do other beauty treatments and do permanent cosmetic procedures on occasion. Ask to see all certificates of training and continuing education. Since this field is rapidly evolving, regular continuing education is a must.”

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If you opt for a permanent procedure, all professional doctors will offer a follow-up visit once the procedure has been done. “If the follow-up visit is not offered, the technician is below the standard of care in the industry,” says Meese.

After Photo of Natural-Looking Tattoo Procedure.
After Photo of Natural-Looking Tattoo Procedure. “They give you the confidence to wake up looking your best and the convenience of saving time on your beauty routine. Let’s face it, when you look better you feel better” says Meese.


“My number one tip for redheads is to choose an eyebrow color based on your skin tone and not solely on your hair color. Auburn eyebrows are not for everyone.  Some clients may look best with a lighter and warmer ‘autumn gold’ and others might favor a ‘cool taupe’.” It’s essential for a technician to use quality pigments that are yellow based (neutral based) because it will fade into a lighter version of the original color without turning odd colors. “Red, orange, and plum are never acceptable for eyebrows,” Meese concludes.

Remember, the result can be stunning but doing your due diligence is necessary to get the look you desire.

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