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4 Eyebrow Tips for Redheads from “The Brow Wizard to the Stars”

The New York Times called him the “Brow Wizard to the Stars” and the Today Show called him “The Brow Whisperer.” Ramy Gafni, celebrity makeup artist, eyebrow expert and founder of RAMY Beauty Therapy, recognized the importance a good brow has on the entire face. This innate intrigue led to a successful nationwide beauty empire, and a full color cosmetics and skincare line.

Ramy’s specialty is in the shaping of eyebrows, and, most importantly, the position of the arch, which should be formed at the top-most part of the brow bone. His approach is methodical and strategic; comprised of pain-free tweezing and trimming in order to shape the most precise, perfect brow. Having a fully actualized eyebrow – not too thin, not too short, and not too far apart – is the easiest way to perfect your appearance short of plastic surgery. “It’s like makeup that you don’t remove,” says Ramy.

The eyebrow guru has worked with some of our favorite celebrity redheads, including Debra Messing. We spoke with Ramy to get exclusive tips for redhead eyebrows:

1. “There has been a myth that redheads with very light eyebrows can use bronzer to fill in invisible brows,” says Ramy. “This is a No! No! The bronzer may oxidize and look way too orange, which looks obvious and artificial.”

2. “There are several great eyebrows products available for redheads. Choose either a neutral shade of brow filler, like a taupe or putty shade, which is my personal favorite.”

Ramy recommends: Ramy Perfect Brow Wand & Ramy Miracle Brow! Compacts

3. Once you find the right product, Ramy recommends these steps to to fill in your brows:

  • Apply brow filler in small strokes from the front of your brows up to the peak in a straight line.
  • Then, from the peak to the tail of your eyebrow.
  • Finally, take a small brush and brush through your eyebrows. This removes the excess product and blends what’s left behind for brows that look naturally perfect and not made-up.

4. “Redheads, remember that your eyebrows don’t have to match your hair color precisely. Warming up and deepening your brow shade subtly yields the most natural and believable results.”


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