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The 8 Best Deodorants For Redhead Sensitive Skin

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For redheads, everything that goes on or near our sensitive skin needs to be considered carefully to prevent any adverse effects. Deodorants themselves serve the purpose of reducing the smell when we sweat. Antiperspirants are within many deodorants to serve as sweat control while still reducing the smell. The issue with antiperspirants is that their main active ingredient to reduce sweat is aluminum. Aluminum is linked to harmful effects. Although the effects are not all scientifically proven, it’s best to be safe and use aluminum-free deodorant options.

Here are more ‘Redhead Friendly’ approved natural deodorants that actually work:

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1. Ivory Gentle Deodorant

This brand’s gentle deodorant line offers four softly scented deodorants to help you through the day. They are not only aluminum-free but also dye, parabens, and phthalates free to live up to the “gentle” name.

2. Schmidt’s Naturals Natural Deodorant

They have three deodorant lines and a wide variety to choose from. While all three lines are aluminum-free, the Sensitive Stick Formula (my favorite) has magnesium, and the Jar Formula has a base of Shea Butter.

3. Tom’s of Maine Natural Strength Fresh Powder

While this brand does offer antiperspirants with aluminum in its men’s line, the Prebiotic Line, Natural Strength Line, Long-Lasting Line, Original Care Line, and Wicked Cool Line are all aluminum-free. All ingredients and their purposes are easily accessible with further information on specific ingredients just a click away.

4. Stinkbug Naturals Tea Tree Aluminum Free Deodorant

These products offer a wide array of both Sensitive Skin and Organic options. There is also the choice of packs one of travel size deodorants, one of their summer collection, and the thirds of their best sellers.

5. Each & Every Natural Aluminum Free Deodorant

Featured in the Summer Deluxe H2BAR Box, this lavender and lemon deodorant contains six simple ingredients.

6. Kiss My Face Liquid Rock Deodorant

This brand has a stick and roll-on options. Both presentations have a sports formula, two scented, and one unscented option to choose from.

7. BuchuVida Natural Deodorant

Featured in the Winter Deluxe H2BAR Box, this roll-on deodorant in Sweet Orange contains buchu leaf. It eliminates odors entirely while keeping you smelling good all day, with just one application

8. Routine Natural Deodorant

This all-natural deodorant is formulated with activated charcoal and magnesium that detoxifies and relaxes the pits to reduce stress sweats. It was featured in the fall ’22 deluxe H2BAR Box!

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