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The Summer 2020 Deluxe H2BAR Box Review

Value of $250+!

Let’s talk about the H2BAR Deluxe Box! It’s extra special because it only gets delivered four times a year. I get so excited every time I see that huge red beauty subscription box sitting on my doorstep. The products are never repeated and I’m always introduced to brands I typically wouldn’t have bought for myself. How to be a Redhead does an amazing job filling the box with tons of ‘redhead friendly’ products worth $250+. There is no doubt you will get your money’s worth.

The little details inside the box are what make this box stand out amongst other seasonal subscription boxes. Upon opening, you will notice a large sticker on the inside lid. This usually has a beautiful illustration of a redhead in that particular season. Inside the box are the products along with a detailed pamphlet. The pamphlet is very informative and gives you a description of each product and how much each product is worth.


Opening the box is like being a little kid on Christmas morning. I find that I use the products all the time. I have discovered new items to add to my beauty routine and all of the products really do work well with my complexion, hair, and lifestyle. I have never broken out from any of the products inside the box. If you are a redhead or know a redhead, I highly recommend purchasing the Deluxe H2BAR Box for yourself or as a gift. You won’t regret it!

Read below for the full review:

GrandeBROW-FILL Volumizing Brow Gel with Fibers + Peptides$20 

This brow gel is the perfect color for my red hair. It’s not too red/orange or brown. It is easy to apply and keeps my brows in place without making them feel hard. It fills in any sparse areas in my brows and can even be used in addition to an eyebrow pencil.

GrandePOP Plumping Liquid Blush$25 

I love the pale pink of this blush. It looks so natural on my fair skin. Since it is a liquid blush it leaves a dewy look to the skin which I prefer. It gives the cheeks a nice youthful glow. I just take about 2-3 dots of the product and blend it into my cheeks with my fingers.

GrandeLIPS Hydrating Lip Plumper$27

This is a great high-gloss shine, volumizing lip plumper. When applied it tingles on the lips, but then plumps them just enough. I love that it is a clear gloss and can be worn alone or on top of another lip product. It also hydrates the lips which is something that is always important to me when it comes to lip products.

Laura Lee Los Angeles’ Glazed Lit-Lit Highlighter$15 

WOW! What a great value! There are 4 full-sized highlighters in this palette. My favorite is the lightest shade called “Diamonds” because it looks great at highlighting my cheekbones, nose and inner eye. The other colors are great as blush toppers and eyeshadows. The silky formula glides on easily and doesn’t look chalky at all.

Booda Organics Suds of Love All-In-One Soap$6

This is such a great soap because of its versatility. It can be used as a shampoo, soap, or shaving cream. I liked it as a shaving cream because it lathers so well and it gentle on my skin. It also lasts way longer than most other shaving creams I have tried. I love how natural it is and doesn’t have any fragrance that could irritate my skin.

GUNILLA Deep Skin Moisturizer with Ceramides$37

This is a great moisturizer for sensitive skin. It’s not greasy and has a velvet-like creamy texture. It keeps my skin hydrated all day. I like how it looks under makeup and doesn’t break my skin out. It also comes with a handy spatula to scoop the product out so it stays hygienic.

Sonage Skincare C Shield Smart Serum$25

I found this product so interesting. It protects the skin from blue light from your smartphone and laptop. It is very lightweight and non-sticky. I’m a huge fan of vitamin C serums because they fade dark spots quickly and this one definitely does. I put in on clean skin and then apply a moisturizer afterward.

*Subscribers either received the Sonage Skincare C Shield Smart Serum or 707 Flora Deluxe Serum Travel Size 

Thinksport Everyday Naturally Tinted Face Sunscreen$13

What redhead doesn’t love sunscreen? Having sunscreen in this month’s box is perfect for the summer months. I live on the East coast and go to the beach all the time in the summer. I go through sunscreen a lot. Some are better than others. I love that this is tinted so it doesn’t leave the white tint to my skin. The tint also acts like a light foundation and can be applied with a damp beauty sponge. I walked away from a day on the beach without a sunburn on my face after wearing this. It can also be applied under makeup.

Bambu Earth Repairing Facial Serum, $68

I love face serums. This one applies so well under my moisturizers. It helps with sun damage which is important to me because I’m out in the sun all summer. It is not greasy and doesn’t smell bad.

*Subscribers either received the Bambu Earth Repairing Facial Serum or Sea Buckthorn Farm Oil for Skin, Hair and Nails

Oneka Goldenseal & Citrus Body Wash + Lotion$10

This is a great rejuvenating and refreshing body wash. It has a fresh citrus scent that lingers on the skin afterward. The lotion is non-greasy and provides great hydration. Great for travel.

Oneka Face Cream$8

This is a lightweight cream that is also surprisingly hydrating. It is great for the summer because it won’t melt off your face. I like that there is no fragrance because sometimes fragrance can break out my sensitive skin. It quickly absorbs into the skin and does not block my pores. Great for travel.

Makai Cares MICRO SCRUB – Coconut Vanilla$20

I love the scent of this scrub. It just screams summer! I also love how the granules feel like sand on the beach. The walnut shell, combined with cold-pressed Tsubaki and grape seed oil is the perfect combination. I found it to be too harsh on my face, but on my body it was heavenly. This is perfect to use to prep skin for a sunless tan.

Each & Every Natural Deodorant$15

This is a natural deodorant that is made for people with sensitive skin (aka redheads)! There is no aluminum. No parabens. No synthetic fragrances. No baking soda. It smells beautiful and organic! The scent is Lavender & Lemon. It glides on nicely and leaves me dry and smelling nice all day long.

Oneka Shampoo + Conditioner$10

This pairing left my hair shiny and soft. They are a great size for travel. I also loved the fresh scent of the goldenseal and citrus.

Threddies Floral Scrunchie, $5

This scrunchie is such a fun, bright floral print for the summer. It doesn’t tug on my hair and cause breakage. It looks beautiful in my hair as well as on my wrist. Definitely makes me remember the days of being a kid in the 90s.

Watch the entire unboxing below:

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