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Learning From a Celebrity Redhead: Live Your Best Redhead Life

If you talk to another redhead, there is a pretty high chance you both will have the same “redhead story.” Some say they hated their red hair, others loved it; some were bullied while others weren’t. Either way, there is always a commonality between women with red hair.

This weekend, Daily Mail released an interview with redhead actress, Daisy Lewis. She is widely known for her role as Sarah Bunting on Downton Abbey. With much success in her life, she spoke candidly about growing up with red hair and how she rose to fame. If you are like us, you will find similarities, especially how her strong nature propelled her to the top.

Redheads, share below if you can relate!

1. “I was a redhead and I thought I was an academic scholar – I was definitely not in with the ‘in’ crowd. I wasn’t one of the blonde pretty ones. I never got asked to dance at school discos, that kind of thing,” Daisy told Daily Mail. “And so when I started going for jobs the casting breakdown would be ‘so-and-so is the most beautiful girl in the world’ and I would go in thinking, ‘I can’t play this part; I’m not this part.’ So I ended up playing these characters on the edge.”

This ‘edgy’ side has landed her roles in plays such as The Westbridge at the Royal Court, and risqué films such as the Nicolas Winding Refn produced Pusher and 2011’s Lotus Eaters. With her hugely successful role in Downton Abbey, it seems as though she turned what many thought was ‘negative’  and turned it into a positive. 

2. “I do a great impression of being confident but I’m not. I think everyone’s nerves manifest themselves in various ways. I tend to talk too much. So when I arrived on Downton last year, instead of shutting up, I was ‘Yadda yadda yadda’ and everyone was probably like, ‘Oh God, who is this girl?'” 

We frequently recommend redheads to show confidence even if it’s fake! You will immediately see how people will gravitate to you in newfound ways. But, it is a known stereotype that redheads exude confidence more than blondes & brunettes.

Daisy Lewis: Behind the Scenes of Season 4 of Downton Abbey
Daisy Lewis: Behind the Scenes of Season 4 of Downton Abbey

3. “My least favorite word is feisty. Have you ever heard a man described as feisty? Have you heard a male character on screen described as feisty? I think not!”

Most redheads can tell you they are called certain names like: ‘Red,’ ‘Ginger,’ ‘Strawberry’ & ‘Sassy.’ The list can go on and on. And, there are always names we dread!

4. “I found it hard to juggle wanting to be cool and pretty with the academic stuff and at school you weren’t allowed to be both. If you’re not cool and you’re overweight and you’re ginger, the feeling is that you should just stay at the back.”

Daisy is quite open about the fact that she left her school because she was bullied. But it’s even more important to showcase that she didn’t — and wouldn’t — stay in the back. She ended up going to sixth-form college in London, before King’s College where she studied literature. She pursued her acting career and the rest is history.

Just like Daisy, show off your red hair, be unstoppable and Rock it like a Redhead! 


Photo Credit: © Copyright Rachell Smith