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Are Redheads Automatically Assumed To Have Confidence?

The Chicago Now satirical column, The Ginger Philes, has discussed situations that redheads get involved with because of their ginger locks.

Many How to be a Redhead readers write in talking about their favorite celebrity redheads, most of them being “redheads by choice.”

Taking a look at all Hollywood redheads, there is one commonality: confidence. Does confidence appear once you are a redhead? And are natural redheads born with confidence?

Let’s take a look at well known celebrities:

1. Nicole Kidman– She has spoke candidly about how being a tall and skinny teenager with curly hair made her feel insecure, but once she got older, she realized her true beauty. Her red hair helped her embrace her beauty (inside and out) and now there is no doubt that the public will always view Nicole as someone who exudes a natural, subtle confidence.

Nicole Kidman Beauty Tip: Embrace your paleness and be confident with who you are!

2. Rihanna- She has openly admitted that red hair helped her gain the confidence to overcome her breakup with Chris Brown and arguably, it helped her reach ultimate stardom. Rihanna Beauty Tip: If you are looking to make a statement, “The Rihanna Red,” is a big one, but it is suggested that you opt for a color red that flatters your skin tone.

3. Lindsay Lohan- Lindsay went from a smoking hot redhead to a burn out. She was the poster child redhead of this generation and her career went sour when she lost her redhead identity. Lindsay Lohan Beauty Tip: Many natural redheads go blonde to cover up their red roots. Go back red and you’ll never dye it again!

It’s obvious, if you are a redhead, you’ll appear confident, but it isn’t until you are confident enough that you’ll go red.



Picture Credit: Nicole Kidman by Mikael Jansson for Jimmy Choo 2013