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14 ‘Redhead Friendly’ K-Beauty Skincare Products

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K-beauty (short for “Korean Beauty”) has gained much popularity in America since 2014. Many Korean brands have been selling their products worldwide — including American stores like Sephora or just USA-based stores selling certain brands, like Innisfree. Not only has K-beauty been getting a lot of exposure in the worldwide beauty scene but the products do wonders for the skin. K-beauty is all about skin hydration and the result is younger, youthful skin.

It’s no surprise that the popularity has been increasing in America, but additionally, many of the products are highly affordable and ‘redhead friendly’ approved. Most Korean’s are known to have sensitive skin, so it’s a great fit for redheads too.

Here are some ‘redhead friendly’ K-beauty options I use daily:

K-Beauty Brand: VT Cosmetics x BTS

1. Glorious Gloria Lip Color Balm
VT Cosmetics is a popular beauty brand in Korea and they collaborated with well-known K-pop superstars, BTS. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I absolutely adore BTS, so of course, I jumped on purchasing the whole collab. One of my favorite products is the lip balm. It leaves your lips really soft without being extra moist and the scent of the product is really nice, and not overpowering. In my opinion, I think it smells like raspberries.

The lip balms come in a few different shades: Purity (clear), Attraction (subtle bright pink), Mandarina (subtle bright orange), More Pop (subtle shimmer), and Melrose (blush color). I own Purity, Attraction, and Melrose.

One rule of thumb about Korean makeup is that many of the products are very neutral but can be applied enough to create a look that pops.

2. Born Natural Gel Mist 

Even though this product has a bit of a price tag, keep in mind that the shipping cost from Korea is included. I’ve recently started using this Gel Mist as a prep spray before applying makeup. It has a really clean and refreshing scent and feels really nice on the skin. This mist also includes Hyaluronic Acid which is popular in many different skincare products lately. You also can use it if your skin needs a little rejuvenation throughout the day.


3. Super Tempting Color Correct Palette 

When I say this palette changed my life, it literally changed my life. I normally just use concealer to cover up any skin imperfections (like dark circles) but when they’re really prominent sometimes plain concealer doesn’t work. This product has very buildable high coverage which is great on many different skin impurities like dark circles or redness. You would use the mint shade to cancel out any redness you might have on your skin, the lavender shade to sort of illuminate the skin a bit (think of it as almost like a natural-looking highlighter), and the peach shade to cancel out dark circles. I like to apply the product with a flat, round concealer brush and just dab into my skin. The texture of the product is pretty creamy but not too much.

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4. Born Natural Capsule Sleeping Mask

This mask actually is gentle enough to use every night before bed. With this product, again, a little goes a long way. You can really feel that this mask is working well after applying because it tightens the skin a bit. It’s also comfortable enough for you to leave on overnight without thinking it’s going to soak into your pillow instead of the skin. It’s a great product to use when your skin feels tired at the end of the day. It leaves your skin nice and hydrated in the morning. Just rinse it off with micellar water (or regular water if you don’t own a micellar water product) and go about your regular cleansing routine.

5. Super Tempting Skinny Gel Eyeliner

These eyeliners are perfect when you don’t want to create a super bold eye look, but if you intend to purchase these, please take note that they are very thin. They call them “Skinny Gel Eyeliners” for a reason. If you press too hard while applying, the tip will break. I’ve learned this the hard way. However, aside from that, the eyeliner is very good quality when applied and very easy to use. They are the twist-up kind of eyeliner pencil and create a nice gel-look without the need to use the gel pot and eyeliner brush. I currently use both the black and brown shades.

6. Super Tempting Eye Shadow Palette

This eyeshadow palette has such beautiful neutral shades that are perfect to wear every day! These are very redhead-friendly shades. I love this palette for a fun day out with friends or for work.

K-Beauty Brand: BEYOND

7. Intensive Ampoule Ceramide

If you’re new to using face masks I would recommend using one once a week in your skincare routine. I tend to use them at night after cleansing and applying a toner. The masks are hydrating enough to the skin where you won’t need to apply any sort of serum or moisturizer afterward. You leave it on your face for about 10-20 minutes and then throw it away. It’s a great way to reset your skin after a long day and it doesn’t take very long.

The best part about sheet masks is they’re generally pretty inexpensive (even though there are some out there that cost a little bit more) so it’s easy to grab a whole bunch of different kinds to try!

K-Beauty Brand: TONYMOLY

8. The Chok Chok Green Tea Cleaning Water

I absolutely love good micellar water. I use this product first thing in the morning before using anything else on my skin just to get any sweat or oil off of my face that may have gotten on me while asleep. It’s very easy to apply—just squeeze a bit onto a cotton pad and apply to the face.

9. Pure Eco Bamboo Cold Water Moist Cream

I’m obsessed with this moisturizer. I use it twice a day and it’s a really nice, lightweight formula. I use this directly after applying essence for extra hydration, but if I’m getting myself ready on a day where I might sweat a lot I won’t use this and will just apply essence. This is a really hydrating product and a little can go a long way.

Afterward, I put Rose Quartz Face Roller all over my face to make sure the Pure Eco Bamboo Cold Water Moist Cream goes into each corner of my skin.


10. The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Essence

So I mentioned essences above and many of you may not know what that is. An essence is (basically) a mix between a serum and a moisturizer. Personally, I tend to use an essence during the day and maybe some sort of heavier serum at night in replacement of it. The feeling of the product is very refreshing on the face.

11. I’m Real Sheet Mask Set

These sheet masks are what first got me into K-beauty. I find that the sheet masks by TONYMOLY are extremely nice and hydrating, and they have a large variety of different kinds. The lavender scent is nice and calming and is very beneficial to the skin.

K-Beauty Brand: MEDIHEAL

12. Face Mask Set 

Not only do I love to purchase sheet masks separately but I really enjoy buying them in bulk mostly because you get the most for your money. VT Cosmetics isn’t the only company who has partnered with BTS. Well-known Korean skincare company MEDIHEAL has also collaborated with the K-pop group with a sheet mask line.

There are three different types of sets you can choose from: Hydrating Moisture Care, Brightening Care, Moisture Barrier Care, and Skin Soothing Care. There’s also an option to buy all four of them in a large box if you feel like splurging.

I currently am using the Moisture Barrier Care set and they’re not kidding when they say they moisturize. These masks are so hydrating that you don’t need to use any other product after application. It’s basically applying straight moisturizer on a cloth to your face for 20 minutes. They smell really refreshing and would come in handy for the cold winter months when redhead skin gets dry. The sets come with two different types of sheet masks, with five of each type. The Moisture Barrier Care set includes five D:NA Proatin Masks (the moisturizer types) and five of the Tea Tree Care Solution Essential Mask EX, which helps with oil control.

While the mask sets are currently not available at Walgreens, they have started to carry many other Mediheal products with a low price tag. You can purchase them online or at your local store!conce

K-Beauty Brand: LANIEGE

13. Water Bank Essence

This is the first LANIEGE product I’ve tried and I absolutely love it. Compared to the TONYMOLY essence I think the bottle is a bit larger and the scent is a lot more fruity and bright. The bottle looks super chic and luxe and the packaging is so beautiful. It really gives me an Atlantis-like feel every time I use it.

K-Beauty Brand: Yadah

14. Oh My Sun Slush Natural Sunscreen Cream

A new favorite of mine. I received a free sample while shopping in Koreatown and just had to purchase it. The sunscreen texture is very creamy but very light; it smells like plants and it’s made from cactus extract. The product is natural and vegan for all you eco-friendly redheads out there. The bottle is pretty small which makes me believe it’s only enough to apply to the face, however, I see nothing wrong with using this on the arms or neck as well. The price point also seems pretty affordable for a vegan product.


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