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7 Best Sheet Masks for Glowing Redhead Skin

Ready, set, mask!

My redhead skin loves sheet masks. When I think of my ideal relaxation day, it definitely includes a sheet mask. I love waking up and putting one on first thing in the morning, then enjoying my coffee and starting my day. Or, after a stressful day at work, I like to come home, put on my comfiest sweatpants and wrap up in a cozy blanket before putting on a sheet mask and watching TV or reading a good book.

One reason they’re great is that they don’t consume too much of your time, but they’re also the perfect excuse to do nothing for 20 minutes while your skin soaks up the healing properties of the mask. Adding to their easy nature, you don’t need to wash your face after –– you can just move on with your day.

I’ve found, especially in the winter, that they’re a necessary part of my redhead skincare routine. You can get masks for all different purposes –– acne, aging, deep cleansing, moisturizing. The positive effects of sheet masks have been almost immediate in my experience, with my skin appearing healthier and more radiant as soon as I take it off.

Top tips for using a sheet mask: 

1. Pop it in the fridge for 20-30 minutes prior to use for extra hydration to your skin. It’ll feel so soothing. This works especially well for aloe sheet masks.

2. When you’re done with your mask and you’re ready to toss it out, don’t forget to massage the excess of the sheet mask into your neck, décolletage, hands and arms. Take full advantage of all the products!

3. You can shower with your face mask on to get maximum absorption with the heat from the shower.

4. Use your sheet mask before applying your makeup – about 15-20 minutes beforehand.

5. Cleanse, apply your toner and then do your sheet mask. Next, you can apply your serums and lock it all in with a moisturizer.

Below are some sheet masks that are redhead friendly and affordable, because who doesn’t love that?

For your stressed skin 

1. Pacifica Stress Rehab Coconut & Caffeine Facial Mask, $4

This is my absolute favorite mask, hence its spot at the top of the list. It has soothing coconut and awakening caffeine, both of which help bring life back to your skin after you’ve been stressed. Your redhead skin will thank you, trust me!

For dry skin 

2. Burt’s Bees Hydrating Face Sheet Mask, $3

Winter weather can be harsh on our redhead skin, and it can feel impossible to keep it hydrated. In addition to drinking lots of water, a hydrating sheet mask will make a huge difference in keeping your skin from being dry. This mask is also 99% natural, which is a major plus!

For your super sensitive skin 

3. ACURE Seriously Soothing Biocellulose Gel Mask, $5

This mask is perfect for redheads with sensitive skin. As is clear from the name, its biocellulose properties soothe and soften your skin. This mask has argan oil in it, which has very powerful moisturizing capabilities.

For combination and oily skin 

4. Sephora SUPERMASK –– The Charcoal Masks, $6

This mask is amazing. It’s great for redheads who are dealing with blemishes because it cleans your pores and makes your skin look fresh from the moment you remove it. It’ll help clear your blemishes while smoothing your skin’s texture and reducing redness. It’s basically perfect and it’s only $6 at Sephora.

For normal skin 

5. Origins Flower Fusion Lavender Soothing Sheet Mask, $7

Lavender can calm me down in a pinch. The smell puts me at the same level of ease as the last few minutes of a yoga class do. This mask has that herbal smell to it, amplifying the relaxing experience of using a sheet mask in the first place. This is good for all skin types, so it’s the perfect solution for a redhead who needs to chill out and get her skin looking healthy and clear.

For dull skin 

6. Miss Spa Miss Spa Facial Sheet Mask Brighten, $4

This brightening facial mask (featured in the January 2019 H2BAR Box) saturates the skin with just what it needs to help fade spots and sun damage, for a flawless, luminous complexion.

For the feet 

7. LuxaDerme Deep Moisturizing – Aloe Infused Foot Hydration Socks, $6

Say goodbye to dry, rough feet with these hydrating foot socks (featured in the January 2019 H2BAR Box) infused with shea butter, vitamin E and lavender. Wear for 20-30 minutes while watching your favorite Netflix show.

Now, go relax and take care of your gorgeous redhead skin!

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