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July 2018 H2BAR Box Review: Sun, Fun, and Protection

This month’s products were all about having fun in the sun, but keeping our famously redhead fair skin safe

Christmas in July was an old custom created because winter hits at different times in different hemispheres. However, you can create that vibe in a very real way with a subscription to the H2BAR Beauty Box! It arrived on my doorstep and my Christmas in July began.

One of the things I personally love about the H2BAR Boxes, other than getting to celebrate being a fabulous redhead, of course, is that all of the products are redhead-certified and they always seem to arrive exactly when I need them.

This month’s products were all about having fun in the sun but keeping our redhead fair skin safe. See below for details about this great H2BAR box!

1. Damone Roberts PM1 + PM2 Wipes (10-day Supply), $20 Value:

As I mentioned in last month’s review, these are high-quality, almost luxury face wipes. These are of the PM variety, meaning they are meant to be used at night. PM1 is a makeup remover and is unlike any makeup removing wipe I’ve ever used. Rather than feeling saturated with cleanser, it almost felt dry. However, it is somewhat saturated with what almost feels like grease. It freaked me out a little at first, however, it totally removes all your makeup. PM2 is the cleanser, scrubbing away the grease and makeup excess.

2. Zuii Organics Flora Gradual Face Tan Lotion, Flora Gradual Tan Body Lotion, and Flora Luminising Crème + Flora Self-Tanning Foam, $37 Value:

Okay, this stuff is awesome! I’m a little scared of self-tanning products via a lifetime of rom-com gags involving these products, however, these all work super well. They smell divine and even moisturize your skin while tanning. They all relatively work the same, requiring even coverage over the skin you’d like tanned, but I’ll give a quick shout out to the Flora Luminising Crème, which gives an immediate glow to where it’s applied (my shoulders looked radiant).

3. Tarte Blush in ‘Harmony’, $14 Value:

This is such a stunning product. It stays on through anything (stickily humid July summer heat included) and it’s a beautiful color. I have a natural blush and red undertones, so I generally stay away from blush all together, but this natural, subtle color is exactly what I’ve always needed.


4. Mane ‘n Tail Color Protect Shampoo + Conditioner (Sample Size), $3 Value:

This smells divine and makes red hair so soft and supple. Sometimes color protection shampoos and conditioners can make my hair stringy and frizzy, but not this stuff! It made my hair look absolutely stunning without any other product or fixing!

5. Belli Beauty Anti-Blemish Facial Wash, $22 Value:

I swear the curators of the H2Bar Box read my mind. I was in desperate need of a new facial cleanser. This one fit the bill and then some. It smells gorgeous (green tea + cucumber = AWESOME) and definitely cleared up my skin problems. It also cleared up dry skin from the light sun damage I got over July 4th! 


6. Plaine Products Body Wash, $5 Value

Okay, this body wash is one of my favorites for two reasons. Number 1: They have made it their mission to eliminate single-use plastic from the bathroom, achieved with these little metal bottles (my mom has already asked to use the bottle when I’m done as a travel body wash for work). Number 2: This smells amazing and makes you so clean! My sensitive redhead skin gets nervous with strong smelling products, but this didn’t mess with it at all, in fact, it smoothed out my dry skin and soothed my slight sun damage.


7. Ocean Potion Sunscreen 30 SPF, $5 Value:

(BEST PRODUCT ALERT) This is the best sunscreen I have ever used. And, as a natural redhead who has been pale to the extreme for my entire life, I can tell you that’s a huge deal. In the summertime, I like to use sunscreen as a primer and this is the greatest one I’ve ever used. If you aren’t a fan of the typical coconutty smell of sunscreen, this is the product for you…it smells like citrus. And it definitely keeps you covered. Even if the summer sun gets the better of you, don’t forget to Rock it like a Redhead! 

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