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Interview with ‘Awkward’ Actress Jillian Rose Reed

Jillian Rose Reed is an actress and producer, known for bright red hair and role in the hit MTV show, Awkward. We talked to the 22-year-old about her big MTV break, beauty secrets and an upcoming big screen role.

H2BAR: Tell us about your role in MTV’s #1 scripted and critically-acclaimed series, Awkward

JRR: I play Tamara, Jenna Hamilton’s BFF! She’s the best friend everyone wants to have. She’s sassy, unapologetic, and has no filter on anything she says!  Awkward will be premiering its fourth season on April 15th at 10pm on MTV- it’s very exciting.

H2BAR: Awkward deals with a lot of serious issues, especially bullying. What kind of message do you think comes across with the show?

JRR: We definitely do put comedic twists on serious issues but that being said, we still like to teach lessons with our episodes that do deal with things like that. The bullying episode is a good example. We do have a bully in every episode, Sadie. In one episode, we got to go home with Sadie and kind of learn that everyone has their own issues and there’s reasons behind the way people act. We just hope that with the seriousness of the show that we do teach people that certain things happen for a reason and there are certain ways to deal with things. We hope with our show people can just relate and learn from it.

H2BAR: You’ve appeared in a several television series including The Middle, Hung and Weeds. What have these experiences been like?

JRR: It’s great! I love being able to work on a variety of shows and play a bunch of different people.

H2BAR: Can you explain to us the plot behind your upcoming indie film, Confessions of a Womanizer?

JRRConfessions of a Womanizer is a comedy about a guy named Ritchie who is unlucky in love. He decides he wants to end his “womanizing” ways to find something real, and I play, Megan, the first of his love interests. Megan is very charming and loving; I liked being able to play the nice girl next door. We’re premiering March 8th at the Cinequest Film Festival. Hopefully after that we’ll be able to do a bigger release.

H2BAR: Why do you love being a redhead?

JRR: Honestly, having red hair is just fun! I have a pretty fiery personality and I think it matches that.

H2BAR: If we may ask, where do you get your hair done?

JRR: I go to Stacy Heitman at Sally Hershberger Salon in West Hollywood. She’s seriously amazing.

H2BAR: What is the best compliment you’ve ever received about your red hair?

JRR: Everyone says it complements me very well and makes my eyes stand out. That’s nice to hear.

H2BAR: How would you describe your fashion style?

JRR: I would say I have a bit of an edgier sense of style. I definitely have my girly days, but for the most part I’m in t-shirts and combat boots.

H2BAR: Do you have a few favorite beauty must-haves that you cannot live without?

JRR: I love White Sands hairspray. My hair is really thick, so when I’m styling I like to use a bit of spray. White Sands holds without making my hair feel sticky and hard.


H2BAR: What’s currently in your makeup bag?

JRR: A little bit of everything! I use Stila foundation because it has a good amount of coverage. Also, I always have a variety of Stila lip gloss with me!

H2BAR: Who is your celebrity male crush?  

JRR: I love Penn Badgley, Joel McHale, and Thor… the superhero.

H2BAR: What is currently playing on your music playlist?

JRR: “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry all day long.

H2BAR: If you could give one piece of advice to young girls today, what would it be?

JRR: Laugh more. It’s so easy to take yourself seriously in high school or in your younger years. When you look back at those embarrassing moments, they’re usually pretty funny!

H2BAR: How do you Rock it like a Redhead?

JRR: I put my best foot forward and always try to stay positive! It gives me a sense of confidence to help me rock through my day.

H2BAR: How do you wear your red hair in the movie?

JRR: I filmed that movie a few summers ago, so my hair was a lot longer. It’s usually down and curled.




Photo Credit: Minh Bui Styling: The Style Bros Hair & Makeup: Hallie Dunbar