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How to Refresh Your Makeup in 2 Minutes or Less

The sun is shining bright and it’s the perfect time of year to be outside enjoying yourself with family and friends. But, if there is one downside, it is that makeup seems to dissapear within hours. We spoke with Emmy Award Winner and Beauty Expert, James DeMarco who said, “During this time of year, skin succumbs to environmental stress, which can produce oil, shine, dryness or redness. These tips will keep your skin looking gorgeous.”

Here are the 4 best tips for refreshing your ‘redhead friendly’ makeup this summer:

1. “When going through your day, use a quick burst of spritz from Evian Mineral Water Spray (or any hydrating mist that you can find) in travel size. If your favorite product is too big, pour it in a travel size spray bottle, drop into your bag and be on your way.”

2. “Touching up under the eyes can make all the difference. Carry a small vial of eye serum and pat under (and around) the eye. Follow with a dab of concealer on inner corners of the eye. I highly recommend a click concealer pen that illuminates and conceals. These formulas are thinner and will not cake up, and the pen form is easy to carry and apply on the go.”

‘Redhead Friendly’ Product Recommendation: Me and the Girls Moon Beauty Serum

3. “A fresh pop of blush and lip-gloss will also add life again to your face.”

4. “Finish off with a dust of translucent powder in the T-Zone and your new face is ready to continue the day and night.”

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