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How To Achieve Crushed Redhead Curls

Go backstage with Aveda at New York Fashion Week to learn how to achieve this new look

redhead frizz

A redhead turns heads, especially on the runway. At the Spring/Summer 2016 TIBI presentation at New York Fashion week, the crushed curl look was captured backstage and was being rocked by a redhead model. We just had to share.

How to Get the Look:

1. PREP damp red hair with 2 pumps of smooth infusion™ style-prep smoother™ and comb through.

2. STYLE by applying volumizing tonic™ at the roots, followed by a pea-size amount of smooth infusion™ naturally straight from mid-lengths to ends.

3. Blow-dry the hair smooth with a brush using leafing and beveling techniques until 100% dry, making sure to smooth the hair along the hairline.

4. Prepare the hair as though you are preparing it for a wig. Use a brush to smooth the hair flat and tight to the head, securing with clips and spraying lightly with air control™ hair spray as you work around the head.

5. After the hair is wrapped flat and tight to the head, place a hairnet over the hair, making sure to cover the hairline and remove the clips as you work.


6. Secure the hairnet to the head with 2-3 redhead bobby pins.

7. Beginning at the front hairline and spiraling toward the crown, use the end of a pintail comb to pull small loops of hair through the hairnet. Use the fingers of your free hand to gently hold each loop as you pull it through, making sure to not pull too much hair. Remove the pins.

8. FINISH with air control™ hair spray.

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