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How Redheads Can Use This $15 Tool To Get Heatless Waves At Home

Get Natural Looking Waves! The Tool is Reusable Too!

Heatless styling is extremely popular because we are learning more and more about the the damage hot tools cause. One popular form of heatless styling is the use of these wacky-looking tubes called: Waveformers. Beauty site, Bydrie, did an in-depth tutorial on how to use Waveformers as well as the pros and cons of using this method of heatless styling: 

Where can redheads buy Waveformers?

Waveformers are pretty inexpensive and can be found on Amazon. The standard Waveformers is a rippled wave pattern, but there are multiple styles available depending on how you want to style your hair


Waverformer: $14

How can redheads use this contraption? 

Waveformers should be put into damp, detangled hair. It’s best to add a leave-in conditioner or mousse to help reduce frizz. You pull the hair through the Waveformer using a hook. The hook is threaded through the tub and used to grab a section of hair. The hair is then pulled back through the tube.

The hair should be left to dry inside the tube. If your hair isn’t fully dry, the waves may not set properly. Waveformers can be worn overnight for longer drying time. When it’s time to remove the Waveformers, you will slide the tub back down the hair. 

What still will Waveformers give my red hair? 

Waveformers are not heatless curls, they are heatless WAVES. They will give a gentle beachy wave look, similar to the look you may get from a braid that’s been left in for a while. Unlike heatless curls, heatless waves don’t last as long but are a great way to add texture

Rock it like a Redhead!


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