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Would You Try These 7 Wacky Hair Gadgets on Your Red Hair?

Hair Tools so Wild they Just Might Work!

Hair tools help make styling your hair easier but there are some really interesting ones out there. We found 7 of the wackiest hair gadgets that are all highly rated on Amazon. People love these crazy gadgets, so would you try them on your red hair?

1. Elastic Hair Hooks

These elastic hair hooks are supposed to help you get a more secure ponytail if you have thick or curly hair. They can also be used as a mask grip if you don’t want to place the mask on your ears. 


2. 2-in-1 Straightener & Curler

This multi-use product might look a little odd, but it’s actually very convenient. Most of us probably have a straightener and a curling iron, but this tool lets you have both in one. Perfect for travel and it makes the straightener method of curling your hair a lot easier. 


3. Bonnet Hair Dryer

If you enjoy having blow-dried hair but don’t enjoy the work, try this crazy-looking gadget. This bonnet dryer is great for people with curly red hair who want the salon experience at home. 


4. Roll & Go Hair Tool

Love a retro pinup hairstyle? Then you need this roller tool that helps you make the perfect chignon, French twist, or pin curls. 


5. Ponytail Maker Loops

These plastic loops can help you to make a neater ponytail, braid, or another style. If you struggle with styling your hair behind your head, give one of these a shot. 


6. Spiral Heatless Hair Curlers

Want gorgeous waves without heat damage? Try these wacky wavy spiral curlers for a full-bodied look. You might look a little crazy with them in but it will be well worth it. 


7. Hair Chalk Brush

Most redheads don’t want to dye their natural hair, but we all want to experiment with a little color sometimes. Skip the commitment of a dye job and try these chalk brushes instead for some temporary color that’s bold and vibrant. 


Rock it like a Redhead!